"We have four boxes with which to defend our freedom: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box and the cartridge box." - Congressman Larry McDonald M.D.
(1 April, 1935 - 1 Sept., 1983)


God Save The Republic

29 November 2010

23 November 2010

Way Too High. . . And Rising

Back in 1974, Johnny Cash released the song "Five Feet High And Rising." It's a rather simple tune about a family forced to flee their farm due to rising flood waters and the recurring questions being posed, "how high's the water, mama?" Mr. Cash ends the song with the water level reaching the five foot mark. Seeing how the song had to end somewhere, I suppose five feet was high enough.

Looking around us here in 2010, I feel a flood of various crisis waxing ever higher, and if you were to ask me "how high's the water MikeH," I'd be dead on target by saying it's way too high, and the stakes are rising. I believe we are at the threshold of losing far more than the farm if that last step is taken to cross over.

My blogging contemporary, Anthony Martin, at "The Liberty Sphere," has written about the mysterious contrail that was observed off the California coast back on 08 Nov. 2010. (See full story here) Mr. Martin reports that two experts claim it was in fact the contrail from a missile, and that the missile was launched from a Chinese submarine. The experts conclude the Chinese were driving home a point regarding their lack of humor over the U.S. government's lack of fiscal responsibility, considering the fact that the Chinese hold billions of dollars worth of U.S. debts.

Now let's look at this story from 23 Nov. 2010, regarding the shelling of a South Korean Island by the North, and the included mention of North Korea's continued efforts to get their hands on nuclear material. Granted, North Korea's "Billy Badass" routine may well be their usual means of forcing sanction concessions and extorting some "good will" cash from the United Nations. However, the folks in the South may not be so easily appeased this time and the world, or a small part there of, may find itself thrust through the doorway of no return and dashed upon the jagged rocks ahead.

Folks, I fear the world is in way over it's head and the dam hasn't yet, but IS about to break. My advise is; don't get caught with a leaky lifeboat.


It may not seem so at times but we do have a lot to be thankful for. May your bird be fat and your stuffing be moist, and don't forget who it is we need to show our thanks to.


21 November 2010

What Are The Chances

As I have mentioned in past posts, I tend to prepare for the absolute worst situations. I suppose IF something bad does occur, and IF that something is far less severe than what I have prepared for, then perhaps I will have far less to be depressed about on the other end. I really don't have a problem coming out looking like a paranoid whack job as opposed to not coming out alive and well, with my family, should the stinky stuff reach it's full disaster potential. That's why someone coined the phrase, "pray for the best... prepare for the worst."

It's a given that food / water is on the top of the prepper's list of "must haves." I'm really not sure how one becomes certified as an expert on the subject but, there are "experts" who recommend having six months to a full year's worth of food, on hand, for each member of the well prepped prepper's family. Personally, I have concerns that a stockpile that could see you through a full twenty-four months might not be enough. But, in the words of Dennis Miller, "that's just my opinion... I could be wrong."

Of course, many of those "experts" claim that non-preppers will far outnumber preppers, and that there will be a huge conversion from non-preppers to non-preppers gone feral (zombies) prior to a mass starve off / kill off of the weaker members of society, fairly soon after the stinky stuff is firmly thrust into those fickle fan blades of fate.

The question I have about this is; what are the chances that, somewhere along the line, this might bring about the total, or near total, decimation of animal life as we know it? The extinction of pet, farm, game and varmint critters as anything that flies, walks or crawls might well be taken for a meal by the hungry masses. I don't think it's that unreasonable of a question given that a few of those "experts" have suggested the possibility of a semi widespread outbreak of cannibalism might occur. (Forgive me a moment while I chuckle at the thought of Sam Elliott telling us "Long pig... it's what's for supper.")

I have brought up this subject because, not long ago, I became involve in a conversation with a man who remarked he was not all that concerned with long term food storage preps, "because country folks can survive. I can hunt, fish, farm and trap to provide for me and mine." Now I could see that as an original thought; except for the fact that we need to consider the idea that somewhere in the neighborhood of 100,000,000 American gun owners will also be out there hunting the walkers, fliers and crawlers while an unimaginable number of folks will be taking fish by all means necessary and laying waste to crop producing farm lands.

Hunger pangs will quickly over-rule any thoughts of wildlife conservation that could otherwise provide for supplies in the long term. This is especially true when you realize that nearly every critter in North America is edible. Just consider Sylvester Stallone's character in "Demolition Man" continuing to feast on a ratburger, even after learning the source of the meat.

To further drive home my concerns on this issue, let's consider the near total extinction of the North American Bison, Wild Turkey and Elk herds east of the Rockies, which began early in the 19th. century. A little over 150 years later, numbers of each have been brought back from the brink, but still not to the levels they were before that time.

I guess what I'm thinking here is this. After a major "TEOTWAWKI," those of us who make it through to the other side may be force into a vegan lifestyle and where the cost of meat, if any, may command it's weight in platinum. It could be many years before our decedents might enjoy a steak that we today take for granted.

That ratburger is almost starting to sound pretty good about now.


10 November 2010

Catching Up

On The Home Front

10 03 10, my grand-daughter was born... seven pounds, nineteen inches. God blessed her with good health and none of my physical features. I pray that I can be instrumental in securing her, and all of our children and grandchildren, a long life of freedom and prosperity. Lord knows there are damn few in our government who will strive to do the same.

The Political Scene

I still can't believe that Reid won reelection fair and square. On the other hand, I CAN believe that the "Democretins" are writing Pelosi a letter, asking her to realize the damage she will do to the party if she presses her bid for minority leader. Of course, the wording of said letter is a schmoozefest cleverly crafted to avoid drawing the wrath of the West's most Wicked Witch. Calling her term as Speaker of the House "historic" is a bunch of schmooze... crafted under high pressure through a five inch fire hose.

I'm not holding my breathe expecting to see much in the way of hope or change from the newly elected. The few constitutionalists (Tea Party inspired) are too few to make a difference against the progressives and career criminals (er, ah, politicians) from the other two parties, over the long haul. For the here and now, though, those tax parasites will be busy polishing their halos, trying to convince the American people that they are working towards America's best interests. At least for as long as the American people appear awake and watchful.

Prepping Stuff

Here is an interesting piece from the Nation Inflation Association. If these guys are even half right, we are about to be so very big time screwed. This tends to follow the predictions of Gerald Celente regarding the potential for coming food riots. Folks, no matter how much you have, it's not enough.


03 November 2010

Grandpa Mike

I just got the word that my daughter in law has gone into labor. I'll be heading out for a few days so my commentary on yesterday's jokefest will be delayed. However, I am compelled to wonder; was there massive voter fraud in Nevada, or are those people too damn blind or too damn stupid to believe there is still some hope to be found in Harry "Weasel-dick" Reid?