"We have four boxes with which to defend our freedom: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box and the cartridge box." - Congressman Larry McDonald M.D.
(1 April, 1935 - 1 Sept., 1983)


God Save The Republic

31 August 2010

Firefight Mechanics

I'm not even going to try to understand where the bean counters come up with their figures, especially since there are too many variables to be considered. The bean, or should I say bullet, counters claim the ratio of ammunition expended to enemy troops killed, during the U.S. involvement in Vietnam, was more than fifty thousand to one (50,000:1). There are reports, that I have not been able to confirm yet, suggesting the bullet to kill ratio for Iraq and Afghanistan is running in the neighborhood of two hundred fifty thousand to one (250,000:1).

Now, I can understand certain elements involved in a firefight. For example, I understand the need for using aimed cover / suppressive fire, which puts enough lead down range intended to keep the enemy face down, rather than heads up and shooting back and thus allowing for an advance or retreat. And if you are laying down that suppressive fire in full auto mode, I suppose it's fairly easy to see where the bullet to kill ratio can get a tad lop-sided.

However, I've seen a lot of taped footage from Vietnam era firefights where U.S. troops cut loose with full auto fire un-aimed, with their heads deep behind cover, while their weapon muzzles danced skyward or into the ground. Commonly referred to as "spray and pray," this mode of fire has no practical application other than it being an act of desperation. Whether you're blessed with full auto capabilities or a nervous tick in the trigger finger, this is not a good thing if your ammo supply is forty thousand rounds short of taking out even one bad guy intent on doing you harm.

Damn few things can ignite the human "fight or flight" (usually flight or dive for cover) response like the sound of gunfire. The stark realization of being thrust into a gun battle is most likely to result in panic mode. And panic turns to mistakes leading to death or surrender. What better way for an enemy to accomplish this than through an ambush attack. Panic and fear demands you DO SOMETHING!!! and the likely response is to open up in spray and pray mode, effectively depleting your ammo supply while scoring no kills.

There should be some warm and fuzzy feelings gained in the knowledge that, aimed returned fire, close enough to enemy combatant positions to at least make them think they are being zeroed in on, will create some fear and panic on their side as well. So, it is vitally important, should you be caught up in a firefight; take the best cover available. Access yourself for injuries. Slow down and control your breathing. Survey the area for enemy positions OR spots you would consider primer cover if you were the bad guy(s) and returned aimed fire. But most of all, suppress the panic induced urge to spray bullets and pray for a miracle.


28 August 2010

Top Stories Of The Day

I kid you not. These are the top stories from MSNBC.com for Sat. 08 28 10:

Why Isn't There More Quicksand In Movies (It'll suck in all the zombies!!!)

Who Are 2010's Best Paid Hip Hop Stars (Who gives a rat's furry ass)

Paris Hilton Arrested On Cocaine Charge (Say it aint so)

Former Female Wrestling Star Dead (Former W.W.W.E., now former L.I.F.E.)

Pitt Comments On New Orleans' Rebuilding Mission (Less talk, more action, Brad)

Anna Paquin's Wedding (Who???)

Cheryl Hines' Divorce (Who??? revisited)

Tyler Perry Cleared (Of what; felonious glory hole drilling)

Taylor Lautner Sues (Who??? yet again)

Wesley Snipes Postpones Prison (Us mortals woulda been bitch bait long ago)

It's been like this all week!!! Did the regime order a total news blackout? Or is this the quiet before the fecal storm?

Is it any wonder why a writer for Newsweek wrote "America The Ignorant?"


25 August 2010

What Better Place

I feel the need to explain myself before diving into this story. On one hand, I really have no desire to discredit any of my contemporaries in the blogging world. On the other hand, I think it prudent to post disclaimers where disclaimers are due. Such is the case with information that can be found at the Infowars site, hosted by Alex Jones. In my opinion, many of the stories posted there seem to push (or leap far beyond) the borders of basic logic. However, on occasion, an information item from Infowars will ring true and, if for no other reason than the humor value, the site is on my daily read list.

In an item in today's edition, Kurt Nimmo reports on "Pre-Crime Technology To Be Used In Washington." According to the story, a computer software has been developed that can predict when crimes will be committed and who will commit them, before they actually happen. (Wasn't there a movie based on this idea in the last year or two?)

"The technology sifts through a database of thousands of crimes and uses algorithms and different variables, such as geographical location, criminal records and ages of previous offenders, to come up with predictions of where, when and how a crime could possibly be committed and by who."

Sooo, leave me attempt to understand this. A computer software predicts future crimes, including where they will occur, when they will occur, how they will occur and by whom they will be perpetrated? And it's going to be used in Washington D.C.!!! What better place could anyone pick to utilize this stroke of genius?

But we don't need a computer program, or a mental giant, to predict (with a 110% dead on accuracy rate) where the absolute worst crimes in D.C. will occur. Just look toward 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and Capitol Hill. What we do need is a way to stop the crimes, prosecute the offenders and prevent those crimes from ever happening in the future.


23 August 2010

Crossbows . . . The Pros and Cons In Survival Situations

I recently purchased a Barnett Revolution AVI crossbow package that includes a detachable quiver, a 4 x 32 mm five reticle scope (w/t see thru bikini lens covers) and five 22 inch bolts with field points. I chose the Revolution model because (1) the "prod" (bow section) has a quick disconnect feature, allowing it to be removed from the stock section, giving it a smaller and flatter profile for packing and / or transporting, and (2) it is a compound style that boasts a 345 feet per second velocity. Although it wasn't a deciding factor, the "AVI" designation stands for Anti Vibration Isolation, which basically consists of a ribbed rubber jacket around the limbs to help dampen noise when fired.

The stock body is fitted with an adjustable cheek piece, to help get a consistent cheek weld and alignment with the scope, and an adjustable butt piece for a more custom fitted length of pull. The grip is a large thumb-hole type pistol grip and, the stock is dressed out in Realtree HD Hardwood Green camo. The prod is a subdued shade of black and runs 27" from limb tip to limb tip. The overall assembled length is 35.5" and weighs 7.7 lbs.

The reason I bought a crossbow is because, over the last few years, I can no longer draw a conventional style bow, whether compound or recurve in design. As much as I hate to admit it, I can't hardly draw the string on a youth's model bow, thanks to arthritis in my right shoulder and a couple of fingers.

A crossbow, though, is pretty much a one shot weapon. If you miss on that first shot, don't expect to pull off a quick follow up. (1) Like vertical bows, they are an extremely short distance weapon, where out beyond forty yards is really stretching it's limits. (2) They are not silent. They're not even as quiet as a conventional bow, partly due to the fact the crossbow string contacts the top of the flight rail during firing, and (3) cocking the string back into the trigger mechanism requires far more labor than is needed to charge and shoot an arrow from a conventional style bow. Although the power stroke is only 15.5", the draw weight is 150 lbs.

I should note that a few hunters have reported deer being spooked by the sound of a crossbow firing and being long gone before the arrow reaches what was it's intended point of impact. That is the down side of a crossbow's noise and slow velocity at or over it's practical distance limits. The speed of sound (1124.933 fps) is moving more than three times faster than the bolt.

Due to the laborious cocking process, most hunters will cock a crossbow in advance of a game stalk or climbing into a stand, then loading the bolt when ready. Also, care has to be taken to assure the string is centered in the triggering device since being a little off either way will cause the bolt to yaw to the left or right. Not a task one would want to rely on in haste or under stress. And, it is no plus that crossbows are notoriously front end heavy, making prolonged aiming without a rest a shaky experience.

I suppose by now I have made a solid case against the expense of adding a crossbow to the list of useful survival equipment. The one and only pro I can give is this; they are quieter than a firearm and therefore less likely to alert anyone nearby that you have taken game. A real advantage when stealth may insure one keeps the game, or keeps their life, when zombies are roaming about the neighborhood.

Like a sniper's rifle, a crossbow is a specialty use weapon that fills a specific job function... just not a job in a modern combat role.


18 August 2010

Circling The Wagons

Over the course of the past week, I have been kept pretty busy with moving my daughter and her family, from Ohio to North Carolina, to live with my wife and me. Like a lot of Americans, they too have fallen victim to the regime's "fundamental transformation" of the world's super-power into a world class super porta-crapper.

Considering the circumstances, I can believe plenty of families are (have done or will be) doing the same. After all, that's what families do. When tough times strike; you draw everyone in close and circle the wagons.

Now, despite my fifty eight years, I have not reached the point of total addle mindedness... quite yet. So, I don't have illusions of each and every new day being filled with bliss. I'm sure we all realize there are going to be some drastic lifestyle changes, and clashes, that will strain and test our tempers.

They smoke, they tend to be loud, they have a large dog AND, I have a seven year old grand-daughter who cries and whines for no and / or any reason under the sun. Oh, yeah; I almost forgot. The most major potential for violent conflict within our new family unit... my son-in-law thinks the demo-cretins are going to save us.

It's funny in a way. He has the ability to see and process the fact that the country and it's people are in serious trouble. He believes a collapse of some sort is at hand. And he feels some urgency to prepare for the bad times ahead. He just can't see the big picture, or should I say "rogues gallery," of who is to blame for the mess we are in.

On the other hand though, he enjoys many of the things I like, such as hunting, fishing and shooting sports. So, we came to an understanding several years back that politics will be a forbidden subject between us. But then, that too is what families do. You accept those things you can not change and work around them in order to hold the family together as a unit.

As individuals, we see and understand the utility behind combining forces. Together, we have more hands and minds available for the physical and mental challenges that are sure to come. And, should things turn bad for my son and his family, they know that they too are welcome (actually expected) to come circle their wagon in with ours.

Should that situation come to pass, there would be eight people (number nine is due in a few months) all packed in here fairly tight. (And you think the bathroom schedule is a cluster-mess now!!!) There is no doubt then that a lot of lifestyle changes will be required from all of us. And we can't even consider thinking in terms of "IF we want this to work." There can be no IFs. We HAVE TO make this work. United we stand... united we will prevail or fall. The key word being "UNITED."

Now, if we could just get the rest of the country thinking along these lines.


09 August 2010

Cops And Cameras

Alvie, over at The Cliffs Of Insanity, has written a good piece, "Photography Is Not A Crime," regarding the continuing and ever expanding perils befalling American citizens who venture too close to American police officers while said citizens are packing loaded cameras. Tell ya the truth, I'm beginning to think we have a better chance of a happier outcome if we were openly carrying an RPG while standing on a street corner, distributing kiddy porn and smoking crack with Osama bin Laden.

Let's get honest: Cops are human. Humans are fallible. Fallibility results in cops, et al., doing some really stupid and unprofessional stuff (human stuff) when prompted by either (1) stress or (2) that badge heavy bullshit, Judge Dredd mentality... "I AM the LAW!!!" Everybody, including law enforcement command structures, realizes this. And they know IT IS going to happen. It is, after all, the number one cause for huge figure payouts when folks sue the police over said stupid and / or unprofessional acts.

In an effort to instill some means of "by proxy" self control mechanism into cops, cop commands use the old guilt trip trick: "In every situation you're in, imagine your mother is standing there watching / hearing." Or your spouse, kids, squeeze, priest OR the crew from your local television investigative reporting team, filming every move, every utterance. For some cops, it's unnecessary. For others, it works. For the remaining few... there's just no hope, so cop commands keep that liability insurance policy paid in full.

So, in yet another episode (albeit short) of "History Lessens," we need to travel back in time to the transitional period, when police departments began to require education over mere brawn from their new recruits. The concept was; hiring cops who could resolve problems through logical and peaceful mediation rather than simply resorting to beating the snot out of folks over every petty offense. They wanted to get away from that "striking fear into the hearts and minds" of the citizenry.

Now, let's travel a little forward in time, to the very first amateur captured video of Rodney King getting an ass whomppin at the hands (and batons) of the L.A.P.D., and the results thereafter.

NOTE: I wasn't there to see or hear firsthand. I can only base my thoughts on what I saw from the video, sans any audio. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video (even without audio) is worth ten times that. Those cops, from my point of view, seriously screwed the pooch... with extreme prejudice. And, our amateur videographer made a small fortune off the sale of his tape.

After those cops were convicted, suddenly everyone with a camcorder, SLR Pentax P-3, cellphone or dollar store disposable camera was now out catching cops in some of their most highly retarded "Kodak moments," for fun and profit. (mostly profit) Not exactly a good situation for the retards when the vids and pics are turned over to the local TV station(s) and shown over and over, for weeks on end. Or, worse yet, getting up over a million unique hits per day on You-Tube. (especially when your mom, spouse, kids, squeeze, priest AND command all have You-Tube accounts AND are forced to either move outta town, or live in shame, because all of their neighbors have You-Tube accounts too)

I really don't know what has happened over the ten years since I retired. What with all the attention lurking in every possible vantage point, one would think cops would be on their absolute best behavior. But, instead, rather than worry about what mom and the others might think, it appears that more and more cops are doing the highly retarded, then compounding said act by violating multiple rights of those who would dare record such retardation. BUT, to add insult to the injury, some cop commands seem to be turning a blind eye to these "minor indiscretions."

Folks, I implore you, each and everyone; follow the example shown in Alvie's posting. Open carry your cameras for all to see. Convince all you know to do the same. Let's get a campaign up and running wherein every time a cop interacts with another member of our society, that cop will look around and see dozens of cameras pointed his / her way. And if that doesn't stop the abuse of authority and the abuse of our citizens... then it's time we point something else in their direction.

And for the record:

Michael A. Hill
Retired cop / current camera carrier

06 August 2010

Wife And Kids Are Outta Town . . .

"You are one hot kisser... big fella!!! Way better than that lard-ass Barney Frank."

Global Warming!!!

Al "Sex Poodle" Gore and his leftest green-weenie pals will go to any length to manufacture irrefutable proof of global warming.

We Are SO Screwed

Appointed to SCROTUS

That look says only one thing to me: "There is going to be a HUGE strap-on under my robe."

04 August 2010

Militarization Of Local Cops

In an article today, at Lew Rockwell's site, the writer asks the question: Are local cops being trained and equipped to be an army of occupation over Americans... in America.

Over the years, I have known and worked with a few cops, both young and old, who are arrogant and / or ignorant enough to believe they could pull this off, and who would accept the orders if given.

To these few I say; At Your Own Peril.

I have known and worked with far more cops who will turn and walk rather than goose-step to the tune of a despotic regime. A lot of military troops will present the American Eagle salute and walk off too. So, what I consider to be a conservative guesstimate; you few would be going up against an opponent force of 800 to 1 ... give or take.

Are ya still feelin cocky?


02 August 2010

Feces Occurs

We preppers prep for logical reasons, with the primary reason being that, when TSHTF, necessary products and services may suddenly become non-existent. A recent post over at "Sipsey Street" got me to thinking about firearms that suddenly stop going boom. As we say in the old country, feces occurs (stuff happens?) and should something occur that makes any of your battle weapons stop working, mechanically, are you prepared to deal with it? Especially if gunsmithing services become extinct.

One of the respondents to the Sipsey Street post said he has never had a broken parts related failure with his favored weapon in all the years he's owned and used it. And there is the very real possibility that his gun will work every single time he squeezes the trigger. But, to this person I say, "are you willing to bet your life on the idea that such a failure could never happen? It very well could happen within the next 1000 rounds fired through it. Or maybe the next 100 rounds. Or, maybe he might get one more ka-boom before his weapon becomes ka-put.

Repeat after me; "Feces Occurs." And it could have occurred during a critical heat treating process, during manufacturing, leaving a small yet critical metal part too brittle or too soft. An undersized retaining pin that may back out and drop off from the vibrations of firing the weapon. A machining burr that prevents full force transfer on a hammer or firing pin. Of course, there is always the very real causes from normal wear and tear. Metals do suffer from such things as wearing and, well, shearing. You just have to stock up on some parts and tools to prepare for that special, just in case moment.

An emergency use tool that I recommend having is a Broken Shell Extractor for every rifle / rifle caliber you have in your arsenal. For that fact, their cheap and their small; buy several for each rifle. Again... repeat after me, "Feces Occurs." And it can happen to parts and tools too.

Maintenance Tools: Most weapon platforms (AR, AK, FAL, 1911, Glock, etc.) require proprietary specialty tools for maintaining certain parts on their weapons. The remainder of the jobs can be performed using general use tools. You do need to determine what those specialty tools are and what they are used for. Imagine my total disappointment when I learned that a particular manufacturer's proprietary, specialty "armorer's tool" was nothing more than a high priced short piece of 3/32" diameter rod stock with a plastic handle (with company name, of course) that any sub quality 3/32" pin punch can replicate in physical function.

Maintenance / Repair Manuals: Depending on the weapon, some manuals are available free, downloaded from the internet. There are quite a few websites dedicated to specific firearms that contain tons of maintain / repair / upgrade information and the majority only require a free membership registration in order to access that information. Other manuals you would have to purchase from your firearm manufacturer, gunsmith supply houses or other specialty suppliers. Obtain and keep a library for your specific arsenal. Do I need to twist your arm to make you say it? Feces Occurs!!! You need to consider these things NOW. Whatcha gonna do when / if Big Zero shuts off the internet or an EMP shuts off all electricity service before ya get 'round to downloading this stuff?

Parts: There is no getting around it. Prepping is not for the weak of monetary assets. Not only do I most highly recommend you buy replacement parts for every weapon you own, I suggest you buy several of each part. Push comes to shove, you may be the only source of available parts when the stinky stuff smacks those high speed fan blades. Most manufacturers and parts suppliers, for the AR rifle platform, sell prepacked kits containing all of upper and lower receiver parts. These are all of the parts most likely to break, or be lost during maintenance duties. Again, buy two or three of each pack because you don't know how long it may take until normalcy returns (if at all). Considering the price or barter value they could potentially command in a TEOTWAWKI situation, consider buying several. God knows the AR rifle platform is the most popular weapon out there. Just look at a copy of Shotgun News and you'll confirm that statement. Learn how to fix'em and you just tripled your barter value.

My advice on parts is; don't be bashful. Buy replacement barrels for your drop in barreled weapons. (1911, Glock, etc.) If buying a complete upper receiver for an AR is out of your price range, putting a new barrel on an upper receiver is not an overly complicated job and the barrels alone are fairly inexpensive. Used stocks, grips and other parts can be had from several sources and are worth having on hand for your own needs and / or barter use. (I bought a bunch of H&K G-3 mags for .97 cents each... just for barter value)

Almost anyone can perform general, non technical type gunsmith work to their own firearms. Knowing what to do, what you need and having the tools / parts on hand to get it done is just as much a high priority as fully stocked pantries and having a source of potable water. Without them, your life won't be worth a pile of feces.


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