"We have four boxes with which to defend our freedom: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box and the cartridge box." - Congressman Larry McDonald M.D.
(1 April, 1935 - 1 Sept., 1983)


God Save The Republic

23 May 2011

Another "In The News"


I am pleased to report we have survived the rapture of 2011. To the "true believers" I say... well, maybe next time.

Obama Off To Ireland

I thought this was a cute news item; "Obama In Ireland To Discover His Irish Roots" I can't help but wonder if Mr. O'bama will be off to Russia next, to discover his socialist roots.

Say It Aint So

According to two of his team-mates, Lance Armstrong was not only doing enhancement drugs but, he was trying to convince his pals to enhance also.

I can't really explain why I always get spicious when folks get a conscience and fess up a couple years after a dirty deed was done.

Don't Buy American

At least that is the message I am getting from THIS STORY courtesy of MSN.COM this morning. The story author, Katherine Reynolds Lewis, suggests the notion that Americans who "go out of their way" to find and purchase American made products are doing the economy far more harm than good. Ms. Lewis contends "a complete end to imports would actually hurt the U.S. economy because consumers and domestic companies would lose access to cheap goods."

[A complete end to imports? How do we go from some Americans making an effort to buy American made goods to a nationwide ban on all imports?]

Mark Perry, an economics professor and visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute (a conservative (?) think tank) says; "If we restrict trade to just the fifty states, what would happen immediately, and increase over time, would be a huge reduction in our standard of living, because we wouldn't have access to the cheap goods we get from other countries. We also wouldn't have any export markets, so companies like Caterpillar and Microsoft would have a huge reduction in sales and workforce."

[Since Caterpillar and Microsoft both have operations on foreign soil, I don't see how they would stand to lose much if their American based operations cut off all exports. As for cheap foreign made goods and their effect on our standard of living; had greedy businesses like Caterpillar and Microsoft (et al) not moved various operations out of the country, to avoid paying big bucks to American workers, there would be more Americans working and enjoying a better standard of living. Of course, if American workers had not been so greedy by demanding big bucks and high priced benefit packages...]

According to Ms. Lewis, who is quoting "financial experts;" "when you spend more on an equivalent product because it's made in the U.S., you're wasting your money and supporting an inefficient manufacturer that, by rights, should become more efficient or go out of business."

[I thought that was how the system worked. A business either produces quality stuff and prospers or, puts out junk and goes out of business when folks refuse to buy said junk. However, Ms. Lewis almost makes it sound as though some "higher forces" should be in a position to PUT those businesses out of business.]

So says Ken Fisher, Founder and CEO of Fisher Investments in Woodside, California, and the author of "Debunkery." "The additional money Americans spend on an inefficient U.S. producer could have been spent on something else, helping the economy further. Or it could stay in their savings account and been funneled into the financial system, which in theory allocates capital to the most efficient producers. These most efficient producers are best-positioned to create more jobs and return profits to their investors, and to the government in the form of tax revenues. "We make the country better by allocating resources toward the ones that can use them best," according to Fisher.

[I'm sorry Ken, whose economy would we be helping out exactly? China's?

Savings accounts!!! Are you serious!!! If the banks decided to have a "holiday," our savings accounts could be going on said holiday with the banks. As for those accounts being used to funnel money into the financial system, are we talking about the same financial system that has allocated capital to all of those big businesses who are building off shore operations? Or are we talking about the financial system that has all but bankrupted America by funneling money into it's own pockets?]

To tell you the truth folks, after reading these stories today, I'm almost disappointed the rapture passed us over. Well, maybe next time.


06 May 2011

Forget Those Sunday Drives

It's bad enough we Americans are forced to pay exorbitant, yet ever increasing, amounts for a gallon of gasoline. I can certainly attest to the fact that it is putting the brakes on our Sunday drives and mini adventure trips through the countryside. Let's face it... the price at the pumps pretty much dictates that starting our vehicles, for any reason other than absolute necessity, amounts to unnecessary waste. So what could possibly make this situation any worse?

Well, it seems the El Zippo administration is "drafting a proposal" to conduct a study that will investigate the feasibility of instituting a mileage tax on those of us who are stuck in that "must drive" station in life. Yes, this tax was brought up in the early days of Zippie's claim to power. And yes, allegedly, His Zeroness pushed down that idea. But as many things do in Zippie's circle of jerks, it has once again raised it's ugly head. (yes Michelle, that includes you)

The writer of the story poses the question; What will Americans find more offensive, the tax or the loss of privacy when government metering devices are installed on all vehicles to determine the miles driven and resultant tax to be levied.

According to the story, federal taxes on gasoline, instituted in 1992, can't keep the coffers full any longer since auto manufacturers keep building vehicles that keep getting better gas mileage. (these democretins always need a patsy on whom to stick blame) Far be it from me to mention the MPG guidelines the government expects auto manufacturers to adhere to. I mean, one would think some bright bulb in government would realize that government would be causing it's own windfall losses through these guidelines... RIGHT!!!

Now supposedly, if a miles tax was to be chiseled in stone, the federal per gallon gasoline tax would be removed. Please allow me to repeat that statement. The FEDERAL per gallon gasoline tax would be removed. That won't bring about any change in the per gallon taxes set by the states. And it stands to reason that if the federal coffers are floundering under the per gallon tax rate, the per mile rate will, no doubt, have an impact we will see (and feel) in our wallets.

Just like with drug dealers... just say NO!!! In my way of thinking, the federal coffers wouldn't be in deep doggie dodo if the people in charge of the purse strings weren't blowing the money like drunken sailors in a liberty port. Those folks, from way back when, came up with an interesting concept; "No taxation without representation." I think that should hold true today.

So, NO, I will not be coerced into paying any new taxes especially without seeing some real government services being rendered in return. And if anyone comes around looking to put any kind of device on my vehicle, they had best bring EMS and a SWAT team along. And it will not be a training exercise.

In an unrelated story, yet another writer asks the question; "Are gasoline prices hurting the jobs market?" In my own digest form, the writer is suggesting that gas prices are preventing folks from driving about in the active pursuit of work. (honestly, stupid people should not be allowed to procreate)

As I recall, last year someone had pointed out that in the last few years, nine million jobs have either left the country or just flat out gone out of business, never to return. Call me a skeptic but, I don't think there would be much change in the jobs market numbers if gas were a dime a gallon.

On a much brighter note, the U.N. wants to know if the U.S. had any plan on taking Osama bin Laden alive. They seem to think he was entitled to a "criminal trial." (I'm telling you... procreation should only be permitted in order to sustain a mentally healthy society. I guess I should thank God I am already grandfathered in)


04 May 2011

It All Makes Perfect Sense

At least it's all perfect sense if you are among the inner circle jerks.

El Zippo's poll numbers have been circling the hole in the bottom of the porcelain throne. He needs a hail Mary play to boost up those numbers if he has any hope of tricking the public into believing he is worthy of holding on to his other throne in the oval office for another term. Enter a long form birth certificate that seems to have been several years in the making. And of course, His Worthlessness jumps on this as an opportunity to ridicule anyone who has even half considered the notion of whether or not he is an American citizen.

Shouldn't (or couldn't) this have been addressed way back when, instead of dragging it out and, even still after the big unveiling, continue to fuel the fire of "birther" conspiracy doubts?

Perhaps realizing his extreme arrogance may well have rubbed some potential voters the wrong way, Zippity Do Duh concludes the need to pull another rabbit out of his hat. So, a mere few days after the birth certificate surfaces, enter (or exit) Osama bin Laden... the number one (well, number two after Zippie) most hated individual in America today.

So, we have Pakistan, military / CIA op, shootout and bin Laden dead. And the news reports start to trickle in.

We learn that SEAL Team Six, the oh so secret military unit that "doesn't even officially exist" has apparently been outed into officially existing, complete with a story on SEAL training and another story told by a unit member's wife. I have to suppose Area 51 doesn't have the big box-office draw it once had.

We are told the operation was in the planning stages for eight months. It is also reveled that one of the two aircraft being used went down near bin Laden's compound after mechanical problems. But, we are also told that the teams have to double up in the one remaining aircraft for the extraction phase. So what was the sense in carrying bin Laden's body out to that craft and transporting it to a U.S. Navy ship? Was that part of the eight month game plan?

An official aboard ship is reported to have said bin Laden's body was cleansed prior to a burial at sea. We are told that this was done to appease Islamic law that requires immediate burial and, to spare any other country from having to bury it. Someone had to figure there would be conspiracy theories by the ship load after being so quick to dump bin Laden overboard. But he sleeps with the fishes none the less.

I don't understand any need to put American military personnel at additional risk of injury or death to carry the body around in what would be considered a hot landing zone, or transport it out of Pakistan. But, I am without doubt a tad confused as to why we should care about Islamic law being satisfied or who gets stuck with the funeral arrangements. I feel sure the Pakistani government was fully aware bin Laden was living there so let Pakistani President Zardari worry about it. For that fact, I think it would have been appropriate if Zardari had awaken that morning to find bin Laden's bloody severed head next to him in bed.

I had a feeling there would be some "we said / they're saying" stories to be told. The first official version reported bin Laden was shot and killed during a heated fire fight that he was actively participating in. Today, bin Laden's thirteen year old daughter has been quoted as saying her father was unarmed when he was shot to death. And Zardari has been quoted as saying this was not a joint operation between the U.S. and Pakistan.

During the last few years, the American public has heard tell from various "experts" who have speculated bin Laden was killed during the carpet bombing of the mountains in Tora Bora. Still others suggested bin Laden had been seriously wounded and died from complications of those injuries in one of the numerous mountain caves. I'm sure with this in mind, theories will abound.

In one of the stories I read this morning, it was reported that bin Laden's location was obtained from a source by way of water-boarding. I thought water-boarding was a thing of history... just like Gitmo.

In yet another story today, a couple of our Congress critters are talking about Pakistan being actively involved in keeping bin Laden under wraps and the U.S. cutting off all financial aid. Call me cheap, but I would think all cash would have been cut off, give or take, eight months ago. I don't think it's too late to send in SEAL teams One through Six to begin collections and repossessions. But that's just the kind of guy I am.

Lastly, another news item asks if America can expect a return to normalcy with bin Laden dead. I have to ask, other than through procreation, where do these idiots come from and how did they find jobs in the media? Mark my words; jihad aint over and there will no doubt be payback to come.

Thus far, I don't believe there is much that makes sense within this entire event. I can't help but wonder though what the outcome would be if bin Laden had been taken alive and brought to trial.


02 May 2011

Osama bin Laden Killed

El Zippo has announced U.S. Navy SEALS and CIA paramilitary teams shot and killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan last night.

According to the report, since Islamic law requires burial within three days after death, and since no Islamic countries were receptive to receiving the body for burial, bin Laden's body was buried at sea.

I suppose this means we are expected to believe whatever proof the administration presents, especially since no independent testing to establish identity will be possible. I also suppose this will provide a boost to Zippie's poll ratings.

Just something to consider since the only talent Zippie seems to project is that of a pathological bull-stuffer.


01 May 2011

Let The Joke Continue

During the White House Correspondents Dinner of 04 30 11, President Zippo took the opportunity to make jokes "after weeks of attacks" from would be republican presidential challenger, Donald Trump, that questioned Zippo's citizenship and resultant legitimacy to hold the office of president. His Zipness began his evening's monologue with the phrase, "My fellow Americans." Although Zippie's barbs were directed at Trump, who was in attendance at the "gala dinner," I suppose one could easily infer that the jabs were equally directed at the numerous (confirmed and confident) American citizens who are also suspicious of Zippie's credentials.

The Big Z probably assumes a tad more license to ridicule after the release of what is touted to be his official State Of Hawaii long form certificate of live birth. (I personally belong to the group of "birthers" who subscribe to the belief that Stanley Dunham did not give birth to any children who lived.) After that certificate was made public, Trump immediately jumped from the birther train of thought to the believer train... claiming credit for the document's long awaited journey to daylight. I personally am more suspicious of his legitimacy now, than previously, since it took only four years for the certificate to break the surface from the depths of darkness. ("his legitimacy"... I made a funny)

But, just as Nero fiddled while his empire burned, Zero entertains his media admirers while his "fellow Americans" are suffering with even higher gasoline and food prices.

While various sources pump the schmooze about Middle-East instability and / or the fears of speculators driving the price of oil through the roof, the New York Times reported ExxonMobil has posted a first quarter jump of 69% in profits. That's 10.7 BILLION dollars. Up from the previous quarter's pittance of 6.3 BILLION dollars. (it must suck to be them!!!) Obviously the big bucks we are paying at the pumps aren't going to help stabilize tensions or soothe those fears. As I said in my last post; it's called G R E E D folks.

Among shocking prices at the grocery check-out, I noted a 12 oz. container of cherry tomatoes at four dollars and eighty-nine cents. I'm talking about almost $5.00 for less than a pound of miniatures. My family is no longer treating me as being brain damaged since I was the one who insisted we buy and plant thirty two tomato plants in the garden a few week back. Further, I can now understand the full social impact of laws designed to shut down hobby / personal gardens. And they ARE NOT intended to protect ANYONE.

If you haven't already, you better get into the prepper mind-set. I can only pray you still have time. Time is not on our side.


27 April 2011

In The News

Dateline New Jersey

Nine time Olympic gold medalist, Carl Lewis, has been officially ruled ineligible to run for a New Jersey State Senate position on the grounds he has failed to meet a four year residency requirement, prior to the date of the election for the office he seeks. And the NJ. Secretary Of State has ordered Lewis' name be stricken from the June Democratic primary ballot.

The secretary of state, who is also the lieutenant governor under Governor Chris Christie, noted in a fifteen page opinion that "Lewis said" he owns a home in California, has business offices there, was registered to vote there until recently and paid taxes there. Lewis said the ruling would be challenged and he told the Philadelphia Enquirer that Christie had tried to talk him out of running.

Lewis said "what's really clear to me is, first the Governor called and tried to talk me out of my race. Now he's trying to use his power to do it. I didn't realize I would be running against the governor in my 8th district race." The Christie administration told the paper that Lewis "misunderstood the talk."

Lewis, 49, grew up in New Jersey, has owned homes there since 2005, has been a volunteer track coach at his hometown high school since 2007 and has had a valid New Jersey driver's license since 2006.

The 8th district senate seat is currently held by a republican.

Note to Carl: Even though I have absolutely no sympathy for folks of the democratic persuasion, allow me to suggest you sign-up for the Rahm Emanuel pre-primary course on How To Beat Residency Requirements 101.

Note to Chris Christie: Perhaps you need to work on your communication skills. When politicians use their office for political games, their public always ends the losers.

The Royal Wedding

I really don't care. All sarcasm aside, I really REALLY don't care. While the purveyors of propaganda rave on and on (and on) about the nuptials of titular figureheads in a faraway land, closer to home events, like ever rising food and fuel prices, get a semi passing mention.

Note to Will: When you step out on Kate, don't make it with a nasty ugly hag like your daddy did.

A Royal Departure

It's official. Katie Couric is leaving CBS Evening News.

The crowned princess of propaganda told People Magazine about her future plans, "I am looking at a format that will allow me to engage in more multi-dimensional storytelling."

I can only assume that means she has grown tired of the single dimensional storytelling she has been purveying up until now.

With that, I'll bid Katie a fond A M F!!! (and I don't mean arrivederci my friend)

In Breaking News

The royal pain in the butt has released his long form birth certificate, at long last, and a pdf copy is available to anyone who might be interested. I am not.

First Party Secretary Soetoro said he realizes that not everyone will be satisfied by the release of the certificate, but said the political discourse could not be helped by "sideshows" and "carnival barkers" continuing to talk about the issue. (God knows enough time has passed since the issue was first raised that a forged document couldn't even be verified by carbon dating tests)

Note to The Donald: I think he's talking about YOU with the sideshow and carnival barker remarks. But then if he had said boardwalk barkers, I'd be positive. Then again, he might be suggesting that the 62 percent of the American people who are not convinced he was born in the U.S. have the mentality of sideshow freaks and carnival barkers. But then, I suppose that is no worse than being called a "birther," "truther" or "teabagger."

Note to self: You really need to avoid the news.


22 April 2011

Gas Price Task Force

Now here is a stroke of true genius that should fall under the category; If ya can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'em with bull-stuff. I know I'm baffled... sorta.

Feeling our pain, Barry (a true man of the people) is creating a task force to investigate whether or not there is corruption, fraud and price manipulations running rampant within the oil industry.

I'm still not the brightest bulb in the crayon box so I may have to work this out in long-hand; First Party Secretary Soetoro wants to be reelected in 2012, really really bad. So in a vain attempt to convince the American people that he really really is a good guy, now, and worthy of being more than a one term despot, he is ordering up an investigation into the cause behind the number one most major problem being faced by said Americans... gasoline prices. That should win him a couple hundred million brownie points.

OK!!! Now I see the first of what will no doubt be several bafflements. Even though the lame-stream media doesn't want to draw attention to this "minor" factoid; gasoline prices rank number two on the problem list. Skyrocketing FOOD PRICES holds the number one spot. But food and fuel both start with an "F" so I may see the source of their confusion.

For those of you who think I may be putting too much importance on food over gasoline, have a nice warm cup of gas with breakfast and see how your work-day goes. You CAN live without fuel. Food is a different story. So why isn't Barry creating a food price task force?

Anyway; back to gas prices, Barry, task forces and the liberal spreading of mayonnaise on a turd sandwich. While big oil is extorting millions upon millions out of our wallets, FPS Soetoro is forming a government investigative group which I'm semi sure will cost the American taxpayers millions, or more likely, billions out of our wallets over the course of numerous years. That IS the way government works after all.

So with millions (or billions) to be spent, what report could the gas price task force possibly produce? If it's anything like the volumes of mayonnaise coated pages found in Barrycare, the American people will never receive or know the outcome. And by then, gasoline will have attained the elevated status of the new version of the gold standard.

On the other hand, the GTF may determine that the conflict in Libya IS the chief cause for higher pump prices. Yeah, right!!!

Of course, we all know the truth of the matter. It's called G R E E D, but, somehow I suspect we will never see that as an official answer. Those folks over in the UAE know it. All the big wigs in big oil throughout the world know it. Bet your buns that every member of our government best (and worst) know it. Hell, even a dim crayon like me can figure it out.

And there's the truth of it. A few very greedy individuals who enjoy the or-gas-mic experience of power felt by making hundreds of millions of other folks dance to their sick little tune.

So if FPS Soetoro would send me just one percent of the total amount that will be spent on this task force, he would have the true answer to tell the American public, and I would be filthy, stinking rich beyond anyone's wildest dreams. And by the way, Barry, I prefer cash or PayPal. In Soetoro I do not trust.


18 April 2011

Time To Make A Plan

In my neighborhood, gas is now up to $3.75 a gallon and there are folks ("experts") who claim it will increase 40 percent, nation wide, by Memorial Day. According to my calculator, that works out to around $5.50 a gallon. Higher in the six states, and the District Of Criminals, where gas is already at or above $4.00 a gallon.

I'm retired so I don't have to drive everyday. I can usually get by with only putting twenty or so miles on my truck in a two week period. My wife, on the other hand, drives 71 miles to and from work... A DAY!!! And here I got all pushed out of shape when I bought $15.00 worth of gas the other day and it didn't even fill the tank on my riding mower. You can bet your buns that my property will soon look like a two acre swatch of the old Ho Chi Minh Trail before I blow that kind of cash on something so frivolous again.

On a brighter note; the price of groceries at Wal Mart has been keeping up with gas prices. What you could buy a couple of months ago at four for a dollar you can now buy as one for five dollars. When the wife saw a package of beef ribs priced at twenty dollars, well, suffice it to say we will not be having ribs for Easter dinner. She did take note that at least one enterprising Wal Mart shopper had selected a whole roasted chicken from the deli department and polished it off before making it to checkout. And just tossed the bones on the floor, while cruising the aisles looking for other bargains.

I'm sure many of you have been reading / seeing in the news where thefts of large quantities (read: truck loads) of food items are being committed. And our little adventure into hyperinflation land is just in it's infancy... the tip of the proverbial iceberg as it were. And while gas and food prices are headed for the Moon, how many of you have seen a cost of living adjustment let alone one that will help you pay for the fuel to get to work or the adequate food to fuel YOU so as to complete that work?

I may have spent way too many hours with my head stuck in a bag of Elmer's Glue but I still believe we have a chance to prevent the looming train wreck that is America. We need to make a plan and we need to make it now. As they say in the old country; "schmooze runs down hill." Well, it's time for those of us who live in the valley to pump it right back up to the top. I'm suggesting a general strike. Shut it all down. No work, no school, no driving and no buying. We need to put a severe shock on the entertainment / hospitality / visitor industry. No ocean cruises, no Disneyland and no weekend getaways to a casino, horse or dog track. When big business, big money and the mob starts seeing a loss of revenue, you can be pretty damn sure they will bring a mountain of pressure to bare on government.

If this doesn't work, then we go to war. The only other alternative, as I see it, is to make our peace with God and take our chances as soup-bones in zombieland.


08 April 2011

Lions And Tigers And A Goverment Shut-down. . . Oh My! ! !

In a little less than twelve hours, the government may shut-down if Congress can't come up with a budget plan to Barry's liking.

Leave me try to understand this; The government is threatening to close down the government, if the government can't agree on a government budget?

MSNBC's version of the news today asks the question, "How Would A Government Shut-down Affect You?" In their scenario, the first malady that will directly affect the rank and file American's among us is a delayed tax return from the IRS. National parks may have to close and the Smithsonian, and other national museums, may have to do likewise. On the flip side to that coin, government employees may be ordered to shut off their Blackberry phones.

Scare tactics usually don't work on me. They can keep my tax return. They can lock up the national parks and they can auction off all the old stuff in the national museums. But if the powers that are should be forced to order their hundreds of thousands of Umpa Lumpas to turn off their Blackberrys, dear God above, I may become suicidal!!!

Here's an idea; as the landlords of all things (mis) managed by the government, including the government itself, I think if they shut it down, we should repossess it... starting with the White House and the Capital Building. And kick all the freeloading vermin residing therein straight to the curb. And take their Blackberrys away in the process.


27 February 2011

And The Beat Goes On

It's the story of my life. I take a brief hiatus from the shackles of blogdom and miss out on the opportunity to comment on the really important newsworthy events of the past month. For example; Charlie Sheen has screwed the pooch and shut down "Two And A Half Men." Jennifer Aniston has changed her hair style (about time if you ask me). Lindsey Lohan is in criminal trouble, yet again. Kelsey Grammer has married for the fourth time and, the best news of all, Kate Middleton is winning the hearts and minds of the Royal's loyal subjects. Yea Kate!!!

Considering the vast media attention given to these "world shaping" happenings, I suppose I should be as content as a pig in mud. But instead, I find myself still fixated on the little, less important things in life. For example;

Since last I typed, rebel forces convinced Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak to release the hold of his thirty plus year dictatorship and take his act on the road. Yea rebels!!! I somehow think I'd be highly remiss, though, if I didn't make mention of the fact that just as soon as Mubarak beat feet for parts unknown, Egypt was sucked into a massive black hole where news updates have become non existent. It is as if nothing happened... just another day kind of thing.

Rebel forces in Libya, seeing the effects of Egypt's rebel efforts, have been nudged into action in the hope of breaking the grip of Mohmar "Daffy" Kadafi's forty plus year despotic rule over that country. Go rebels!!! Of course the big surprise here is, the U.S. has frozen all of Kadafi's assets. (and who says Barry is weak) But I can't help but speculate on how much of those "assets" will become secreted away to "off shore" accounts in Chicago.

I have received information, third hand, that I can not confirm; al Jazeera News has allegedly reported Kadafi ordered a large number of children be taken from a day care facility to the center of town, doused with gasoline and set ablaze. He has supposedly threatened more children will burn if rebels don't immediately stand down. It is further alleged that Kadafi has ordered loyalists to attack and rape lone women, in an effort to inspire rebels to stay at home to protect their women. I have to say I wouldn't doubt Kadafi's resolve to stay in power nor his actions, no matter how heinous, to maintain that power. Even the burning of children. I also have no doubts that if these stories are true, the American news media would not report them.

Closer to home; I suffered some very serious personal injury a few days ago. I saw the price of gasoline has "inched" up to $3.29 a gallon and I received massive soft tissue damage from the high speed impact of my sphincter slamming shut. Way down in the small print put out by the lame stream media, it has been reported that the surge in fuel prices is the result of speculator's concerns over the civil unrest in Egypt and Libya and the potential for a disruption in the oil supply lines.

With the exception of Saddam Hussein's igniting of Iraqi oil fields in 2003, how many times have civil upheavals, wars or threats of wars in oil producing countries, actually put a stopper on the oil spigot? Yeah, that's what I thought... zip, zero, zilch (ie. Na Da) In other words, it's just an excuse to gouge the hell out of us end users by Big Oil. And it works every time.

My daughter has come to the realization that her father's fears of food prices (among other fears) going through the roof are not the ramblings of a demented conspiracy theorist. She suffered a high speed impact injury herself recently when she stopped at the local Sav-A-Lot to pick up a head of lettuce and a green pepper. Gouge-A-Bunch now wants $2.39 for lettuce and $2.59 for a green pepper. An increase of more than one dollar in only a week's time.

The weather here in North Carolina has been very nice for February, (75 degrees today) so last week the son in law and I tilled and began prepping the soil for the family garden. I highly suggest you folks do the same at the earliest possible weather opening. Don't get caught with your pants down or your belly gauges below a quarter tank.

Prices are going to get worse and as they do, folks who can't afford to buy will resort to taking by force. Have you already gotten your head wrapped around the idea that it may become necessary to your very survival to protect what you have... by force? We may well have reached the point where it's too late to debate the issue.

Yea Preppers!!!


28 January 2011

Top Stories Of The Bottom Feeders

No Surprise Here

The Illinois State Supreme Court ruled "unanimously" to overturn an appeals court decision that, three days earlier, ruled Former White House thug, Rahm Emanuel, does not meet state residency requirements to run for mayor of Chicago.

Logic would at least seem to dictate; if you own or otherwise maintain a residence in a particular location, receive mail there, spend time there now and then, you might just be a resident of said particular location. I would have included the paying of taxes to the local, county or state government as a proof of residency but, in this case, most high ranking obamanoids seem to be exempt from that minor inconvenience.

On the one hand, I can't help but wonder if someone in the appeals court suffered a brain aneurysm or, just maybe, developed a conscience. (I'm leaning heavily toward the aneurysm) On the other hand, I don't understand why they would waste time and money [read taxpayer's money] trying to derail what is a sure thing. The appellate court had to know they would be over-ruled. Make no mistake, it is in the bag. I just can't understand why the Chicago political machine finds it necessary to feign an election. Just give the SOB the key to the executive crapper and be done with it.

Aint That The Pits

Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) has filed a $150,000.00 suit against a congressional cafeteria after being sold a sandwich wrap that contained an olive pit. Kucinich claims the pit caused "serious and permanent damage" and as a result, he is (should be) entitled to receive compensation for all present and possible future dental and medical expenses.

Let me see if I can get a braincell, or two, to fire something that simulates cognitive thought:

A congressional cafeteria, I would think in some way, finds it's existence dependent upon the sweat of American taxpayers. After all, it is intended to provide a service to government folks and is located in a government building.

A tax-critter, whose total existence is, and has been, completely dependent upon the sweat of American taxpayers for far too many years, wants to sue (some how or another, it's going to boil down to) the very same American taxpayers to provide for those "current and future dental / medical expenses" demanded in the suit.

So, has the tax-critter forgotten that, as a representative of the U.S. Congress, he is already entitled to FREE health care for the rest of his miserable life which is already being paid for by the sweat of the American taxpayer? Or does he think WE have forgotten?

In the words of South Park's Mr. Hanky, "don't mind him, he has a peanut stuck in his head." Yeah well, problem is, it will fall on us American taxpayers to cover the cost of having that peanut removed.

Day Of Rage

Seems that folks in Egypt are a wee bit unsettled about events in their part of the world. Who is at fault... don't know, don't care. That's their problem to deal with. However, this morning's news is reporting all internet and cellphone services have been cut.

In any type of serious mass operation, like a huge anti government protest, communications is paramount. Cut the lines of communication and the operation turns into a bunch of folks standing around with semi stupid expressions on their faces.

Bottom line is; allow a government to assume control over various forms of communication and it will assume control over the stupid expressions on the faces of it's subjects. I know I'd feel rage.

Inquiring Minds Need To Know

The State Of Alaska must release former governor Sarah Palin's 25,000 pages of emails by May 31, otherwise... I'm not really sure what will happen. I'm not really sure I give a rat's furry ass, either.

I don't know what that woman has but it sure seems that an awful lot of folks are mighty worried about it. And it sure seems those folks will go to any lengths to exploit even the most benign scraps of nothing to make Palin appear to be the mother of the anti-Christ. (And I thought Barry already had that spot in the bag) And when they can't get to her one way, they go after her daughter. I'm thinking I'd like to see a Palin / Palin run in 2012. (And I don't want to see and quips about a mother / daughter tag team, guys)

I know that over the years I have pressed the send button on some emails I'd really like to think are totally lost in the most remote reaches of cyberspace. And I'm willing to bet Palin has a few also. I just don't think there would be anything in any of those 25,000 pages that will be the key to damn her political career for all eternity. But you can bet the lame steam media will misquote and misrepresent every single word, or the misspelling there of, within hours after those pages are released.


26 January 2011

Chest Waders Or Body Condoms

There is no doubt in my mind that The Big O (as in zero) is a lot like Thomas Kinkade. The only difference; where Kinkade is "the painter of light," Barry is "the master bullshit artist." And I have to tell the truth here. I can't quite decide which amazes me more, his audacity to reach greater depths in the septic tank to reload his painter's palate... or the vast number of people who buy into his [ah] artistry.

Although there is no way I could stand to watch Barry, or listen to his grating voice, I have taken the time to read the "truth" as propagandized by the lame stream media. Why he was given an hour and a half of television air time, to give a state of the union report, is beyond my meager abilities to mentally process. He could have done it in two words, "We're screwed." Or he could have just said THIS. Of course, he could have written "Dreams Of My Father" on a Post-a-note, seeing as how his father only dreamed of getting drunk and trying not to hit solid objects with his car. I guess it just goes to show Barry's flair for using heavily loaded broad brush strokes.

First off, I want to bring notice to several of the photos where Veep Joe Biden and House Speaker John Boehner are seen in the background behind Zero. Goofy Joe has his usual goofy grin (perhaps a shit eating grin) plastered from ear to ear, while he has his gazed fixed on Zero's back. Boehner, on the other hand, is seen with what I can only best describe as a fellatioist's muscle spasm going on between his ears. (He just hasn't impressed me as being as strong a Republic-can as Nancy does at being a communist)

Next up for critique is Barry's remarkable(?) remark about; "... revolutions in technology have transformed the way we live, work and do business. Steel mills that once needed 1000 workers can now do the same work with 100." Until a few years ago, I lived near Cleveland, Ohio. As little as a couple hours drive to Youngstown, OH. and Pittsburgh, PA. Last time I looked, all of the steel mills that employed 1000 or more have been closed up for years and the buildings are rusting back into the earth. But then, maybe Zero was talking about the steel mills in foreign countries? (like China, from where end users receive steel products that have to be well cleaned of casting media before use)

The reason I ponder that question; he went on to say "Just recently, China became home to the world's largest private solar research facility, (does "private" mean privately owned by the Chinese government?) and the world's fastest computer. The competition for jobs is real. But this shouldn't discourage us. It should challenge us." Well golly gee, Zippy!!! Considering the majority of those job have packed up and moved out of America, several years ago, and since folks over there will work for one tenth of what American workers were making, I'll bet the competition for jobs in China is very real. Problem is, they will take our jobs but not our un / under employed workers who would consider the move there for a chance at a job.

The self anointed one also made reference to the Sputnik Shock of 1957. He sure does find a lot of inspiration in the bastions of die-hard communism, doesn't he.

The stinky stuff really gets deep here; "Over the last two years, we have begun building for the 21st. century, a project that has meant thousands of good jobs for the hard-hit construction industry." Thousands of good jobs for ONE hard-hit industry segment!!! I suppose that means "screw you" to the MILLIONS of un / under employed in all of the other hard-hit segments. Of course, those "good jobs" being in a heavily unionized segment of industry is the primary reason Andy Stern and members of S.E.I.U. also suffer from facial deformities like goofy grins and spontaneous involuntary fellatioist's muscle cramping.

Barry called for building rail systems so that Americans would have access to high speed rail service. To where, I haven't a clue. Me thinks novocaine cranium has never taken notice of the fact that, for the most part, the public isn't real keen on using public transportation. The only high speed transportation system, that would make sense to me, involves saying, "beam me up Scottie, we need to find a new planet."

But Zero's biggest splash of schmooze was; "Let's move forward together." To where, I HAVE a clue. Forward to the total socialization of America.

But last night's preempting of otherwise mediocre television programming was in no way a report by the POTUS to Congress as to the state of the union. It was a pitiful play to boost his low poll numbers and drum up supporters for his 2012 reelection bid, based on (you guessed it) BULLSHIT.

Hey Barry, here is a simple vision test for ya. How many fingers am I holding up... and which finger is it?


17 January 2011

Below The Radar?

In an MSNBC commentary item today, Eileen Sullivan makes a highly disingenuous attempt to justify her continued employment by writing, "Loners Like Tucson Gunman Fly Below Radar." This attempt becomes patently obvious as Eileen's story mentions several incidents in which Jared Loughner flew headlong into the radar field but was dismissed just like the waves of Japanese war planes that attacked Pearl Harbor back in 1941.

I can only suspect that Eileen and I have a widely differing concept of what 'flying below the radar' is all about. I am immediately drawn the the character portrayed by Gene Hackman in the movie, "Enemy Of The State" while Eileen seems to liken a below radar flight as the real life adventures of Charlie Sheen.

For example: "Between February and September, Loughner had five contacts with Pima Community College Police for classroom and library disruptions." The story continues, "Loughner was suspended in September after college police found a YouTube video in which Loughner claimed the college was illegal according to the U.S. Constitution."

According to Don Borelli, a former FBI Assistant Special Agent, these types of actions are "hardly enough to raise suspicions. Students get kicked out of school for a multitude of reasons, that doesn't necessarily mean that they're going to kill somebody." Well, I'll grant ya that one. However, when students and faculty tell interviewers that they had serious concerns about the guy showing threatening personality traits, I think it's reasonable to suspect a touch of mental instability that could lead a person of semi normal sensibilities to consider the guy a possible danger to himself or others.

Ladies and gentleman of the jury, may I direct your attention to the in-depth investigations following the April 16, 2007 shootings at Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Virginia Tech / VT). As a result of numerous fingers pointing in various direction, it was learned that the shooter, Seung-Hoi Cho, had gained some attention around campus as being possibly mentally unstable. VT officials pressed the issue and Cho was forced to obtain a psychological evaluation. It was learned that he had been diagnosed as a danger to himself and others BUT, the information was never forwarded through to the legal channels where red flags would have been raised, and a denial issued by the NICS background check, when he purchased the firearms he used during the shooting. Although described as a loner, it appears that Cho lacked stealth capabilities when it came to flying in and around official radar sites. (perhaps one of the unique differences between an institute and a community college?)

Getting back to Jared Loughner; five contacts with the college police, in a seven month period, for disruptions in class and in the library would seem to establish a pattern of conduct that trained professionals (ie police) could discern between your basic "Animal House" class cut-up type and someone suffering from a long lost grip on reality. To help bring my case to rest, allow me to point out; Loughner was suspended after "the college police found a YouTube Video..."

(1) What were the circumstances that brought this video to the attention of the college police, and

(2) Under normal circumstances, wouldn't the content of such a video be protected under the first amendment and his suspension by the college, therefore, be considered improper and possibly subject to civil litigation? (but remember, the video was described as "cryptic and rambling." words usually best used when trying to lead an audience to conclude there are a few extremely damaged braincells afoot)

Folks, I don't know about you, but I am not convinced that this guy was flying below anyone's radar. For whatever the reason(s), Loughner was allowed to pass through a huge, wide open crack, just like all those planes back in 1941. Maybe we have become too accustomed to having the mentally ill roaming at will, and unsupervised, around us and we don't find a reason to care about aberrant behavior until after something bad happens.


13 January 2011

"We Can Be Better"

During his speech in Tucson last night, Barry told his audience, "We can do better." I am compelled to ask this question; who is "we" and who or what can "we" be better than, or better at?


11 January 2011

Sticks And Stones

Jared Loughner

Though long ago, I recall a saying from my childhood that pretty much summed up the attitude of the nation when assaulted by vitriol; "sticks and stone can break my bones, but words can never hurt me." Damn near sixty years later, it appears that words can hurt me, especially if I am the one who is saying them. Of course, it also depends upon whom those words are directed.

Since the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, along with the murder and wounding of numerous bystanders, several sources have suggested the suspect, Jared Loughner, was incited to his actions by the words of people like, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. There have even been some finger pointing at blogger Mike Vanderboegh, from "Sipsey Street Irregulars" also. As a result, some members of Congress want to make politically targeted vitriol illegal.

Ashamedly, I must admit that I'm not the brightest bulb in the crayon box and I had to look up the word vitriol. In a two part definition, the first half says vitriol is a highly corrosive acid made from sulfur dioxide. The second says, "abusive or venomous language used to express blame, censure or bitter deep-seated ill will." Likewise, I felt it necessary to look up censure, which is defined as "harsh criticism or disapproval and / or the state of being excommunicated." (bear with me, there are just too many big words here) And excommunicated is defined as "oust or exclude from a group or membership by decree."

Using my best attempts at deduction, (such as it aint) I have been able to come up with this conclusion; If Congress is able to pass this loaf of legal fecal matter, any one of us who strongly objects to the continuing political shenanigans in DC can be charged with political vitriol and shipped off to the gulag. (which in itself is a form of excommunication... i would think) I guess then, in it's most simple form, the political elite want a nation of mindless drones who will follow without question through fear of legal reprisal, regardless of the games the political elite may play. If correct in my analogy, to them I say, take leave and fornicate thyself.

It is a very far stretch of the liberal imagination to cast blame on the words of a few for the actions of others. Especially when the few are some of the most outspoken against those liberals. If it were in fact the case, should anything bad befall Sarah Palin, et al, I would think it reasonable to point a few fingers at the likes of Katie Couric, who took the time to promote the concept of a Palin / Loughner "conspiracy by vitriol" during her Nightly News broadcast of 01 10 11. Take a good look at the photo above and it's plainly obvious. The voices in his head are self created and self contained.

I have read several quotes made by Loughner's friends, neighbors and others who interacted with or around him. All painted a picture of a person who would be the perfect candidate for extended elctro-shock and mega dose lithium therapy. A female who attended a college class with Loughner said as soon as she heard the news of the shooting, she immediately suspected Loughner. She also claimed that, while attending that class, she actually feared that Loughner projected the type of personality to bring an "automatic weapon" to class and start shooting everyone. That doesn't sound like a sudden inspiration of Limbaugh, Beck or Vanderboegh to me. This guy was born with a couple of aberrant brain cells and then allowed to mingle amongst us, unattended, despite his patently obvious lack of social skills.

Rather than talking about regulating freedom of speech or the right to keep and bear arms, perhaps what Congress really needs to consider is the regulating of the mentally insane. But then, I suppose that would severely limit the voter turn out for the progressives... and the progressive candidate pool.


07 January 2011

Let The Games Continue

Two stories in the news yesterday pretty much confirmed my suspicions that it would be business as usual despite GOP control of the new Congress.

In the first story, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) is reported to have said, the word of Hawaii's officials regarding obama's birth and resultant citizenship status is good enough for him.

Well, it's not good enough for me or a lot of other Americans, John. Is there anyone in a position of influence, with a pair of metallic central dangling extremities, who will force this issue to the surface? Either way the answer may go, we have a right to know the truth... preferably by way of an unimpeachable source. (John Bolton would meet with my approval)

In the second story, it seems that a day and a half worth of discussions and voting by the House, on matters of repealing obamacare, or parts thereof, may be null and void. It appears that two House members who were involved in the discussions and voting, Pete Sessions (R-TX) and Mike Fitzpatrick (R-PA) hadn't been officially sworn into office, yet. And Sessions is on the Rules Committee!!!

A request made to minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D & AH-CA), to allow this minor lapse in procedure to be excused, was refused "since there is a matter of the Constitution to be observed here." Now THAT is funny!!! (made me pee myself a little)

Under different circumstances, like in a Cheech & Chong movie, (Harold & Kumar for you younger folks) this would be some really hilarious shit. But here in the real world, why aren't we dressing these people in tar and feathers while we strip them of their titles and benefits?

How much more will we have to take?


03 January 2011

Assumption Is The Mother Of All F**kups

Here we are, not even a week into the new year and I still feel like the same old me. Regardless, I hope each and every one of you had a very good Christmas and spent some quality time with family and friends. I also hope you took a moment to reflect on the reason (the non-commercialized reason) we observe Christmas and the importance of Christ in our faith. Without Him, we are no better than the Godless socialist heathens in government positions.

So while I'm still feeling like the same old me, I'll pretty much bet the aforementioned Godless socialist heathens in government are feeling like the same old them. For example; the other day I read a news item about California passing over 100 new laws regarding "quality of life" type issues that will be punishable by (say it isn't so) monetary fines. Of course a stay in jail is a possibility; especially if you don't pay the fines.

You might ask, "MikeH., what the heck is a quality of life violation???" Well, some of my favorites include (but are not limited to);

Thou shalt not place your garbage can at the curb earlier than "X" number of hours prior to scheduled pick up, nor leave the empty can at the curb more than "X" number of hours after pick up.

Thou shalt not allow your lawn to exceed "X" number of inches in height.

Thou shalt not store an unlicensed and / or inoperative motor vehicle on your property unless the vehicle is stored in an enclosed garage. Being fully covered under a tarp doesn't count. Nor does having it tucked away behind your house or surrounded by your 10 foot high privacy fence.

Thou shalt not allow the smoke from your outdoor grilling to cross real property lines. That's the fancy legal way of saying, if the smoke crosses over into your neighbor's yard, you're in a heap of trouble boy.

Thou shalt not conduct a casual sale (yard, garage sale) without first applying for a permit. There is usually a price involved for the permit and, I have heard that some communities are considering enforcement of a sales tax.

In other words; Thou Shalt Not pursue life, liberty or happiness without violating a law, and paying some coin of the realm to the realm masters, whether another person is "inconvenienced" by the "violation" or not. And in the end, that's what these laws are all about. Someone's quality of life "may" be inconvenienced because of some actually meaningless action or inaction on your part, so pay a fine and all is forgiven. (even though the potentially aggrieved won't see penny one of recompense for said loss of life's quality anyway)

Let's face it. The court system in this country is predicated more toward financial punishment than any other form of penance. And with the nation's economy swirling around the hole in the bottom of the porcelain punch bowl, what better way of refilling the coffers than sending out the local constabulary to strong-arm the public at large for violation of "nanny laws?" Another fact to face is; these people will not be satisfied until each and every wage earner in America is signing their paychecks and handing the whole thing over to nanny.

There are way too many people in this country who assume this is never going to happen; or assume it's not happening already. Too many people assume that the vote is our most powerful, one and only form of redress when government runs amuck. And, as it appears since the mid-terms, too many seem to assume that the "new conservatives" are going to fight tooth and nail to save us from tyrannical progressives. It's important to remember, they are called conservatives because they use a conservative approach and conservative time-line to screw us rather than in an all at once progressive manner.

A reality check for assumptions is this; NEVER assume that anyone will be as, or more, concerned about you and your continued ability to hold on to your money than YOU. And NEVER assume that government won't explore any and all means possible to separate you from that money. And as long as we continue to assume that government can arrest, prosecute and imprison all of us, no matter the number of the masses, government will continue to become more bold, more controlling over our lives and our incomes until we have damn little left of either.

It's these type of assumptions that put us in this mess and that have held us here under government's thumb. Time for some changes.