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God Save The Republic

23 November 2010

Way Too High. . . And Rising

Back in 1974, Johnny Cash released the song "Five Feet High And Rising." It's a rather simple tune about a family forced to flee their farm due to rising flood waters and the recurring questions being posed, "how high's the water, mama?" Mr. Cash ends the song with the water level reaching the five foot mark. Seeing how the song had to end somewhere, I suppose five feet was high enough.

Looking around us here in 2010, I feel a flood of various crisis waxing ever higher, and if you were to ask me "how high's the water MikeH," I'd be dead on target by saying it's way too high, and the stakes are rising. I believe we are at the threshold of losing far more than the farm if that last step is taken to cross over.

My blogging contemporary, Anthony Martin, at "The Liberty Sphere," has written about the mysterious contrail that was observed off the California coast back on 08 Nov. 2010. (See full story here) Mr. Martin reports that two experts claim it was in fact the contrail from a missile, and that the missile was launched from a Chinese submarine. The experts conclude the Chinese were driving home a point regarding their lack of humor over the U.S. government's lack of fiscal responsibility, considering the fact that the Chinese hold billions of dollars worth of U.S. debts.

Now let's look at this story from 23 Nov. 2010, regarding the shelling of a South Korean Island by the North, and the included mention of North Korea's continued efforts to get their hands on nuclear material. Granted, North Korea's "Billy Badass" routine may well be their usual means of forcing sanction concessions and extorting some "good will" cash from the United Nations. However, the folks in the South may not be so easily appeased this time and the world, or a small part there of, may find itself thrust through the doorway of no return and dashed upon the jagged rocks ahead.

Folks, I fear the world is in way over it's head and the dam hasn't yet, but IS about to break. My advise is; don't get caught with a leaky lifeboat.


It may not seem so at times but we do have a lot to be thankful for. May your bird be fat and your stuffing be moist, and don't forget who it is we need to show our thanks to.


1 comment:

  1. Hmm.

    The contrail was pretty obviously not created by a commercial jet. They don't fly straight up as the video on WND shows. Clearly the gumint was lying and covering their butt for some reason.

    But jumping to the conclusion that it was from a Chinese sub.... wow. I'd need a whole lot more substantiation before I'd sign on for that.

    I worry as well about both Korea's. I think launch codes have been entered by both sides and the safety switches are being readied to be flipped.

    The guy in S. Korea ran on the promise of being tough with the North. It's going to be tough for him to not do something without being seen as weak and getting tossed from office.

    And roughly 30,000 of our troops right in the middle.