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God Save The Republic

03 January 2011

Assumption Is The Mother Of All F**kups

Here we are, not even a week into the new year and I still feel like the same old me. Regardless, I hope each and every one of you had a very good Christmas and spent some quality time with family and friends. I also hope you took a moment to reflect on the reason (the non-commercialized reason) we observe Christmas and the importance of Christ in our faith. Without Him, we are no better than the Godless socialist heathens in government positions.

So while I'm still feeling like the same old me, I'll pretty much bet the aforementioned Godless socialist heathens in government are feeling like the same old them. For example; the other day I read a news item about California passing over 100 new laws regarding "quality of life" type issues that will be punishable by (say it isn't so) monetary fines. Of course a stay in jail is a possibility; especially if you don't pay the fines.

You might ask, "MikeH., what the heck is a quality of life violation???" Well, some of my favorites include (but are not limited to);

Thou shalt not place your garbage can at the curb earlier than "X" number of hours prior to scheduled pick up, nor leave the empty can at the curb more than "X" number of hours after pick up.

Thou shalt not allow your lawn to exceed "X" number of inches in height.

Thou shalt not store an unlicensed and / or inoperative motor vehicle on your property unless the vehicle is stored in an enclosed garage. Being fully covered under a tarp doesn't count. Nor does having it tucked away behind your house or surrounded by your 10 foot high privacy fence.

Thou shalt not allow the smoke from your outdoor grilling to cross real property lines. That's the fancy legal way of saying, if the smoke crosses over into your neighbor's yard, you're in a heap of trouble boy.

Thou shalt not conduct a casual sale (yard, garage sale) without first applying for a permit. There is usually a price involved for the permit and, I have heard that some communities are considering enforcement of a sales tax.

In other words; Thou Shalt Not pursue life, liberty or happiness without violating a law, and paying some coin of the realm to the realm masters, whether another person is "inconvenienced" by the "violation" or not. And in the end, that's what these laws are all about. Someone's quality of life "may" be inconvenienced because of some actually meaningless action or inaction on your part, so pay a fine and all is forgiven. (even though the potentially aggrieved won't see penny one of recompense for said loss of life's quality anyway)

Let's face it. The court system in this country is predicated more toward financial punishment than any other form of penance. And with the nation's economy swirling around the hole in the bottom of the porcelain punch bowl, what better way of refilling the coffers than sending out the local constabulary to strong-arm the public at large for violation of "nanny laws?" Another fact to face is; these people will not be satisfied until each and every wage earner in America is signing their paychecks and handing the whole thing over to nanny.

There are way too many people in this country who assume this is never going to happen; or assume it's not happening already. Too many people assume that the vote is our most powerful, one and only form of redress when government runs amuck. And, as it appears since the mid-terms, too many seem to assume that the "new conservatives" are going to fight tooth and nail to save us from tyrannical progressives. It's important to remember, they are called conservatives because they use a conservative approach and conservative time-line to screw us rather than in an all at once progressive manner.

A reality check for assumptions is this; NEVER assume that anyone will be as, or more, concerned about you and your continued ability to hold on to your money than YOU. And NEVER assume that government won't explore any and all means possible to separate you from that money. And as long as we continue to assume that government can arrest, prosecute and imprison all of us, no matter the number of the masses, government will continue to become more bold, more controlling over our lives and our incomes until we have damn little left of either.

It's these type of assumptions that put us in this mess and that have held us here under government's thumb. Time for some changes.


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  1. I can't understand why anyone would willingly live in California. I know a lot of good people have moved out, and not everyone can, but there isn't enough money to get me to move there.

    Your larger point is important, though. Expect this sort of stuff everywhere. As the states and municipalities go into bankruptcy, they will tax or penalize everything they can to raise money. Expect speed traps everywhere. Expect to be fined for everything.