"We have four boxes with which to defend our freedom: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box and the cartridge box." - Congressman Larry McDonald M.D.
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God Save The Republic

28 January 2011

Top Stories Of The Bottom Feeders

No Surprise Here

The Illinois State Supreme Court ruled "unanimously" to overturn an appeals court decision that, three days earlier, ruled Former White House thug, Rahm Emanuel, does not meet state residency requirements to run for mayor of Chicago.

Logic would at least seem to dictate; if you own or otherwise maintain a residence in a particular location, receive mail there, spend time there now and then, you might just be a resident of said particular location. I would have included the paying of taxes to the local, county or state government as a proof of residency but, in this case, most high ranking obamanoids seem to be exempt from that minor inconvenience.

On the one hand, I can't help but wonder if someone in the appeals court suffered a brain aneurysm or, just maybe, developed a conscience. (I'm leaning heavily toward the aneurysm) On the other hand, I don't understand why they would waste time and money [read taxpayer's money] trying to derail what is a sure thing. The appellate court had to know they would be over-ruled. Make no mistake, it is in the bag. I just can't understand why the Chicago political machine finds it necessary to feign an election. Just give the SOB the key to the executive crapper and be done with it.

Aint That The Pits

Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) has filed a $150,000.00 suit against a congressional cafeteria after being sold a sandwich wrap that contained an olive pit. Kucinich claims the pit caused "serious and permanent damage" and as a result, he is (should be) entitled to receive compensation for all present and possible future dental and medical expenses.

Let me see if I can get a braincell, or two, to fire something that simulates cognitive thought:

A congressional cafeteria, I would think in some way, finds it's existence dependent upon the sweat of American taxpayers. After all, it is intended to provide a service to government folks and is located in a government building.

A tax-critter, whose total existence is, and has been, completely dependent upon the sweat of American taxpayers for far too many years, wants to sue (some how or another, it's going to boil down to) the very same American taxpayers to provide for those "current and future dental / medical expenses" demanded in the suit.

So, has the tax-critter forgotten that, as a representative of the U.S. Congress, he is already entitled to FREE health care for the rest of his miserable life which is already being paid for by the sweat of the American taxpayer? Or does he think WE have forgotten?

In the words of South Park's Mr. Hanky, "don't mind him, he has a peanut stuck in his head." Yeah well, problem is, it will fall on us American taxpayers to cover the cost of having that peanut removed.

Day Of Rage

Seems that folks in Egypt are a wee bit unsettled about events in their part of the world. Who is at fault... don't know, don't care. That's their problem to deal with. However, this morning's news is reporting all internet and cellphone services have been cut.

In any type of serious mass operation, like a huge anti government protest, communications is paramount. Cut the lines of communication and the operation turns into a bunch of folks standing around with semi stupid expressions on their faces.

Bottom line is; allow a government to assume control over various forms of communication and it will assume control over the stupid expressions on the faces of it's subjects. I know I'd feel rage.

Inquiring Minds Need To Know

The State Of Alaska must release former governor Sarah Palin's 25,000 pages of emails by May 31, otherwise... I'm not really sure what will happen. I'm not really sure I give a rat's furry ass, either.

I don't know what that woman has but it sure seems that an awful lot of folks are mighty worried about it. And it sure seems those folks will go to any lengths to exploit even the most benign scraps of nothing to make Palin appear to be the mother of the anti-Christ. (And I thought Barry already had that spot in the bag) And when they can't get to her one way, they go after her daughter. I'm thinking I'd like to see a Palin / Palin run in 2012. (And I don't want to see and quips about a mother / daughter tag team, guys)

I know that over the years I have pressed the send button on some emails I'd really like to think are totally lost in the most remote reaches of cyberspace. And I'm willing to bet Palin has a few also. I just don't think there would be anything in any of those 25,000 pages that will be the key to damn her political career for all eternity. But you can bet the lame steam media will misquote and misrepresent every single word, or the misspelling there of, within hours after those pages are released.



  1. No Surprise Here:...none at all,rules/laws only apply to us serfs...

    Aint That The Pits:...too bad he didn't choke on it...

    Days Of Rage:...it'll be here soon boys and girls...CBs,two-ways,HAMs are your friends...

    Inquiring Minds Need To Know:...what they can't find,they'll create(unless it's a birth certificate...for some reason they can't seem to make those yet,huh?)

  2. I was listening to a local station regarding Kusinich and his suit. A guy called in and said he was a dentist. He did FULL MOUTH jobs for around $1000 per tooth.

    I'm guessing ol' Denny-boy came to his price by counting the extra rows of teeth all sharks possess...