"We have four boxes with which to defend our freedom: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box and the cartridge box." - Congressman Larry McDonald M.D.
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God Save The Republic

27 April 2011

In The News

Dateline New Jersey

Nine time Olympic gold medalist, Carl Lewis, has been officially ruled ineligible to run for a New Jersey State Senate position on the grounds he has failed to meet a four year residency requirement, prior to the date of the election for the office he seeks. And the NJ. Secretary Of State has ordered Lewis' name be stricken from the June Democratic primary ballot.

The secretary of state, who is also the lieutenant governor under Governor Chris Christie, noted in a fifteen page opinion that "Lewis said" he owns a home in California, has business offices there, was registered to vote there until recently and paid taxes there. Lewis said the ruling would be challenged and he told the Philadelphia Enquirer that Christie had tried to talk him out of running.

Lewis said "what's really clear to me is, first the Governor called and tried to talk me out of my race. Now he's trying to use his power to do it. I didn't realize I would be running against the governor in my 8th district race." The Christie administration told the paper that Lewis "misunderstood the talk."

Lewis, 49, grew up in New Jersey, has owned homes there since 2005, has been a volunteer track coach at his hometown high school since 2007 and has had a valid New Jersey driver's license since 2006.

The 8th district senate seat is currently held by a republican.

Note to Carl: Even though I have absolutely no sympathy for folks of the democratic persuasion, allow me to suggest you sign-up for the Rahm Emanuel pre-primary course on How To Beat Residency Requirements 101.

Note to Chris Christie: Perhaps you need to work on your communication skills. When politicians use their office for political games, their public always ends the losers.

The Royal Wedding

I really don't care. All sarcasm aside, I really REALLY don't care. While the purveyors of propaganda rave on and on (and on) about the nuptials of titular figureheads in a faraway land, closer to home events, like ever rising food and fuel prices, get a semi passing mention.

Note to Will: When you step out on Kate, don't make it with a nasty ugly hag like your daddy did.

A Royal Departure

It's official. Katie Couric is leaving CBS Evening News.

The crowned princess of propaganda told People Magazine about her future plans, "I am looking at a format that will allow me to engage in more multi-dimensional storytelling."

I can only assume that means she has grown tired of the single dimensional storytelling she has been purveying up until now.

With that, I'll bid Katie a fond A M F!!! (and I don't mean arrivederci my friend)

In Breaking News

The royal pain in the butt has released his long form birth certificate, at long last, and a pdf copy is available to anyone who might be interested. I am not.

First Party Secretary Soetoro said he realizes that not everyone will be satisfied by the release of the certificate, but said the political discourse could not be helped by "sideshows" and "carnival barkers" continuing to talk about the issue. (God knows enough time has passed since the issue was first raised that a forged document couldn't even be verified by carbon dating tests)

Note to The Donald: I think he's talking about YOU with the sideshow and carnival barker remarks. But then if he had said boardwalk barkers, I'd be positive. Then again, he might be suggesting that the 62 percent of the American people who are not convinced he was born in the U.S. have the mentality of sideshow freaks and carnival barkers. But then, I suppose that is no worse than being called a "birther," "truther" or "teabagger."

Note to self: You really need to avoid the news.


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  1. So much for the "news". Blech!!

    The real news came out of Texas, where Pastor David Wilkerson was killed in a car wreck. We have lost a major prophetic voice.