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God Save The Republic

08 April 2011

Lions And Tigers And A Goverment Shut-down. . . Oh My! ! !

In a little less than twelve hours, the government may shut-down if Congress can't come up with a budget plan to Barry's liking.

Leave me try to understand this; The government is threatening to close down the government, if the government can't agree on a government budget?

MSNBC's version of the news today asks the question, "How Would A Government Shut-down Affect You?" In their scenario, the first malady that will directly affect the rank and file American's among us is a delayed tax return from the IRS. National parks may have to close and the Smithsonian, and other national museums, may have to do likewise. On the flip side to that coin, government employees may be ordered to shut off their Blackberry phones.

Scare tactics usually don't work on me. They can keep my tax return. They can lock up the national parks and they can auction off all the old stuff in the national museums. But if the powers that are should be forced to order their hundreds of thousands of Umpa Lumpas to turn off their Blackberrys, dear God above, I may become suicidal!!!

Here's an idea; as the landlords of all things (mis) managed by the government, including the government itself, I think if they shut it down, we should repossess it... starting with the White House and the Capital Building. And kick all the freeloading vermin residing therein straight to the curb. And take their Blackberrys away in the process.



  1. Here is my thought on this matter, If the government shuts down and loses the use of there crackberrys because of some bull shit this really only effects honest tax payers, they, (government) will still be paid! and guess, "WHO" is paying? the same dumb asses that has allowed this joker and his band of theives to get away with this crap thus far, O'yeah and let us not forget that the ones effected the most are the ones waiting for the check that has already been ran through the government grinder. Our economy isn't getting better, the housing market isn't getting better, but our nations debt is a mountain that our great grandkids will not be able to climb, maybe that is the problem, government is at the top and there isn't enough oxygen to sustain plant growth, leaving them, light headed and nowhere to go but down. I for one agree with you MikeH !!!!!!!!!! And for all those bleeding hearts out there you can make a sizable donation to the same country that killed our men in Pearl Harbor. I often wonder how much they donated to our need back then, A big fat ZERO wake up America. We were once leaders and now we are FOLLOWERS fight for your rights as Americans. Only the strong survive, which side of the list do you want to be on? FREEDOM FIGHTER

  2. There was no shutdown, nor will there be. It is all theater to entertain the general populace.

    Watch what the left hand is doing, while the right hand is sneakily getting ready to let you have a big right cross, right in the chin.


  3. Anon, I have concluded that government isn't about you or me, it's all about the perks of power... like Blackberrys.

    Bob, I can handle the right handed right cross to the chin. It's the three finger prostate exam from the left (er, ah) hand that bothers me.