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God Save The Republic

06 May 2011

Forget Those Sunday Drives

It's bad enough we Americans are forced to pay exorbitant, yet ever increasing, amounts for a gallon of gasoline. I can certainly attest to the fact that it is putting the brakes on our Sunday drives and mini adventure trips through the countryside. Let's face it... the price at the pumps pretty much dictates that starting our vehicles, for any reason other than absolute necessity, amounts to unnecessary waste. So what could possibly make this situation any worse?

Well, it seems the El Zippo administration is "drafting a proposal" to conduct a study that will investigate the feasibility of instituting a mileage tax on those of us who are stuck in that "must drive" station in life. Yes, this tax was brought up in the early days of Zippie's claim to power. And yes, allegedly, His Zeroness pushed down that idea. But as many things do in Zippie's circle of jerks, it has once again raised it's ugly head. (yes Michelle, that includes you)

The writer of the story poses the question; What will Americans find more offensive, the tax or the loss of privacy when government metering devices are installed on all vehicles to determine the miles driven and resultant tax to be levied.

According to the story, federal taxes on gasoline, instituted in 1992, can't keep the coffers full any longer since auto manufacturers keep building vehicles that keep getting better gas mileage. (these democretins always need a patsy on whom to stick blame) Far be it from me to mention the MPG guidelines the government expects auto manufacturers to adhere to. I mean, one would think some bright bulb in government would realize that government would be causing it's own windfall losses through these guidelines... RIGHT!!!

Now supposedly, if a miles tax was to be chiseled in stone, the federal per gallon gasoline tax would be removed. Please allow me to repeat that statement. The FEDERAL per gallon gasoline tax would be removed. That won't bring about any change in the per gallon taxes set by the states. And it stands to reason that if the federal coffers are floundering under the per gallon tax rate, the per mile rate will, no doubt, have an impact we will see (and feel) in our wallets.

Just like with drug dealers... just say NO!!! In my way of thinking, the federal coffers wouldn't be in deep doggie dodo if the people in charge of the purse strings weren't blowing the money like drunken sailors in a liberty port. Those folks, from way back when, came up with an interesting concept; "No taxation without representation." I think that should hold true today.

So, NO, I will not be coerced into paying any new taxes especially without seeing some real government services being rendered in return. And if anyone comes around looking to put any kind of device on my vehicle, they had best bring EMS and a SWAT team along. And it will not be a training exercise.

In an unrelated story, yet another writer asks the question; "Are gasoline prices hurting the jobs market?" In my own digest form, the writer is suggesting that gas prices are preventing folks from driving about in the active pursuit of work. (honestly, stupid people should not be allowed to procreate)

As I recall, last year someone had pointed out that in the last few years, nine million jobs have either left the country or just flat out gone out of business, never to return. Call me a skeptic but, I don't think there would be much change in the jobs market numbers if gas were a dime a gallon.

On a much brighter note, the U.N. wants to know if the U.S. had any plan on taking Osama bin Laden alive. They seem to think he was entitled to a "criminal trial." (I'm telling you... procreation should only be permitted in order to sustain a mentally healthy society. I guess I should thank God I am already grandfathered in)



  1. Back in the '70s, during the first Arab oil embargo, the electrical utility where I lived instituted a fuel surcharge and electric bills soared. When prices came back down, the state complained about the loss of revenues and raised taxes. Just when we thought we were going to see our bills go down, they hit us.

    Same thing now. It never fails. Electric cars really run on coal or natural gas, since that's what power plants run on. Are they saying they don't tax that fuel? And taxes based on mileage? Don't we pay taxes based on the size of our vehicles when we buy license plates?

    The feds are worse than drunken sailors in port.

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