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04 May 2011

It All Makes Perfect Sense

At least it's all perfect sense if you are among the inner circle jerks.

El Zippo's poll numbers have been circling the hole in the bottom of the porcelain throne. He needs a hail Mary play to boost up those numbers if he has any hope of tricking the public into believing he is worthy of holding on to his other throne in the oval office for another term. Enter a long form birth certificate that seems to have been several years in the making. And of course, His Worthlessness jumps on this as an opportunity to ridicule anyone who has even half considered the notion of whether or not he is an American citizen.

Shouldn't (or couldn't) this have been addressed way back when, instead of dragging it out and, even still after the big unveiling, continue to fuel the fire of "birther" conspiracy doubts?

Perhaps realizing his extreme arrogance may well have rubbed some potential voters the wrong way, Zippity Do Duh concludes the need to pull another rabbit out of his hat. So, a mere few days after the birth certificate surfaces, enter (or exit) Osama bin Laden... the number one (well, number two after Zippie) most hated individual in America today.

So, we have Pakistan, military / CIA op, shootout and bin Laden dead. And the news reports start to trickle in.

We learn that SEAL Team Six, the oh so secret military unit that "doesn't even officially exist" has apparently been outed into officially existing, complete with a story on SEAL training and another story told by a unit member's wife. I have to suppose Area 51 doesn't have the big box-office draw it once had.

We are told the operation was in the planning stages for eight months. It is also reveled that one of the two aircraft being used went down near bin Laden's compound after mechanical problems. But, we are also told that the teams have to double up in the one remaining aircraft for the extraction phase. So what was the sense in carrying bin Laden's body out to that craft and transporting it to a U.S. Navy ship? Was that part of the eight month game plan?

An official aboard ship is reported to have said bin Laden's body was cleansed prior to a burial at sea. We are told that this was done to appease Islamic law that requires immediate burial and, to spare any other country from having to bury it. Someone had to figure there would be conspiracy theories by the ship load after being so quick to dump bin Laden overboard. But he sleeps with the fishes none the less.

I don't understand any need to put American military personnel at additional risk of injury or death to carry the body around in what would be considered a hot landing zone, or transport it out of Pakistan. But, I am without doubt a tad confused as to why we should care about Islamic law being satisfied or who gets stuck with the funeral arrangements. I feel sure the Pakistani government was fully aware bin Laden was living there so let Pakistani President Zardari worry about it. For that fact, I think it would have been appropriate if Zardari had awaken that morning to find bin Laden's bloody severed head next to him in bed.

I had a feeling there would be some "we said / they're saying" stories to be told. The first official version reported bin Laden was shot and killed during a heated fire fight that he was actively participating in. Today, bin Laden's thirteen year old daughter has been quoted as saying her father was unarmed when he was shot to death. And Zardari has been quoted as saying this was not a joint operation between the U.S. and Pakistan.

During the last few years, the American public has heard tell from various "experts" who have speculated bin Laden was killed during the carpet bombing of the mountains in Tora Bora. Still others suggested bin Laden had been seriously wounded and died from complications of those injuries in one of the numerous mountain caves. I'm sure with this in mind, theories will abound.

In one of the stories I read this morning, it was reported that bin Laden's location was obtained from a source by way of water-boarding. I thought water-boarding was a thing of history... just like Gitmo.

In yet another story today, a couple of our Congress critters are talking about Pakistan being actively involved in keeping bin Laden under wraps and the U.S. cutting off all financial aid. Call me cheap, but I would think all cash would have been cut off, give or take, eight months ago. I don't think it's too late to send in SEAL teams One through Six to begin collections and repossessions. But that's just the kind of guy I am.

Lastly, another news item asks if America can expect a return to normalcy with bin Laden dead. I have to ask, other than through procreation, where do these idiots come from and how did they find jobs in the media? Mark my words; jihad aint over and there will no doubt be payback to come.

Thus far, I don't believe there is much that makes sense within this entire event. I can't help but wonder though what the outcome would be if bin Laden had been taken alive and brought to trial.


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