"We have four boxes with which to defend our freedom: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box and the cartridge box." - Congressman Larry McDonald M.D.
(1 April, 1935 - 1 Sept., 1983)


God Save The Republic

28 January 2011

Top Stories Of The Bottom Feeders

No Surprise Here

The Illinois State Supreme Court ruled "unanimously" to overturn an appeals court decision that, three days earlier, ruled Former White House thug, Rahm Emanuel, does not meet state residency requirements to run for mayor of Chicago.

Logic would at least seem to dictate; if you own or otherwise maintain a residence in a particular location, receive mail there, spend time there now and then, you might just be a resident of said particular location. I would have included the paying of taxes to the local, county or state government as a proof of residency but, in this case, most high ranking obamanoids seem to be exempt from that minor inconvenience.

On the one hand, I can't help but wonder if someone in the appeals court suffered a brain aneurysm or, just maybe, developed a conscience. (I'm leaning heavily toward the aneurysm) On the other hand, I don't understand why they would waste time and money [read taxpayer's money] trying to derail what is a sure thing. The appellate court had to know they would be over-ruled. Make no mistake, it is in the bag. I just can't understand why the Chicago political machine finds it necessary to feign an election. Just give the SOB the key to the executive crapper and be done with it.

Aint That The Pits

Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) has filed a $150,000.00 suit against a congressional cafeteria after being sold a sandwich wrap that contained an olive pit. Kucinich claims the pit caused "serious and permanent damage" and as a result, he is (should be) entitled to receive compensation for all present and possible future dental and medical expenses.

Let me see if I can get a braincell, or two, to fire something that simulates cognitive thought:

A congressional cafeteria, I would think in some way, finds it's existence dependent upon the sweat of American taxpayers. After all, it is intended to provide a service to government folks and is located in a government building.

A tax-critter, whose total existence is, and has been, completely dependent upon the sweat of American taxpayers for far too many years, wants to sue (some how or another, it's going to boil down to) the very same American taxpayers to provide for those "current and future dental / medical expenses" demanded in the suit.

So, has the tax-critter forgotten that, as a representative of the U.S. Congress, he is already entitled to FREE health care for the rest of his miserable life which is already being paid for by the sweat of the American taxpayer? Or does he think WE have forgotten?

In the words of South Park's Mr. Hanky, "don't mind him, he has a peanut stuck in his head." Yeah well, problem is, it will fall on us American taxpayers to cover the cost of having that peanut removed.

Day Of Rage

Seems that folks in Egypt are a wee bit unsettled about events in their part of the world. Who is at fault... don't know, don't care. That's their problem to deal with. However, this morning's news is reporting all internet and cellphone services have been cut.

In any type of serious mass operation, like a huge anti government protest, communications is paramount. Cut the lines of communication and the operation turns into a bunch of folks standing around with semi stupid expressions on their faces.

Bottom line is; allow a government to assume control over various forms of communication and it will assume control over the stupid expressions on the faces of it's subjects. I know I'd feel rage.

Inquiring Minds Need To Know

The State Of Alaska must release former governor Sarah Palin's 25,000 pages of emails by May 31, otherwise... I'm not really sure what will happen. I'm not really sure I give a rat's furry ass, either.

I don't know what that woman has but it sure seems that an awful lot of folks are mighty worried about it. And it sure seems those folks will go to any lengths to exploit even the most benign scraps of nothing to make Palin appear to be the mother of the anti-Christ. (And I thought Barry already had that spot in the bag) And when they can't get to her one way, they go after her daughter. I'm thinking I'd like to see a Palin / Palin run in 2012. (And I don't want to see and quips about a mother / daughter tag team, guys)

I know that over the years I have pressed the send button on some emails I'd really like to think are totally lost in the most remote reaches of cyberspace. And I'm willing to bet Palin has a few also. I just don't think there would be anything in any of those 25,000 pages that will be the key to damn her political career for all eternity. But you can bet the lame steam media will misquote and misrepresent every single word, or the misspelling there of, within hours after those pages are released.


26 January 2011

Chest Waders Or Body Condoms

There is no doubt in my mind that The Big O (as in zero) is a lot like Thomas Kinkade. The only difference; where Kinkade is "the painter of light," Barry is "the master bullshit artist." And I have to tell the truth here. I can't quite decide which amazes me more, his audacity to reach greater depths in the septic tank to reload his painter's palate... or the vast number of people who buy into his [ah] artistry.

Although there is no way I could stand to watch Barry, or listen to his grating voice, I have taken the time to read the "truth" as propagandized by the lame stream media. Why he was given an hour and a half of television air time, to give a state of the union report, is beyond my meager abilities to mentally process. He could have done it in two words, "We're screwed." Or he could have just said THIS. Of course, he could have written "Dreams Of My Father" on a Post-a-note, seeing as how his father only dreamed of getting drunk and trying not to hit solid objects with his car. I guess it just goes to show Barry's flair for using heavily loaded broad brush strokes.

First off, I want to bring notice to several of the photos where Veep Joe Biden and House Speaker John Boehner are seen in the background behind Zero. Goofy Joe has his usual goofy grin (perhaps a shit eating grin) plastered from ear to ear, while he has his gazed fixed on Zero's back. Boehner, on the other hand, is seen with what I can only best describe as a fellatioist's muscle spasm going on between his ears. (He just hasn't impressed me as being as strong a Republic-can as Nancy does at being a communist)

Next up for critique is Barry's remarkable(?) remark about; "... revolutions in technology have transformed the way we live, work and do business. Steel mills that once needed 1000 workers can now do the same work with 100." Until a few years ago, I lived near Cleveland, Ohio. As little as a couple hours drive to Youngstown, OH. and Pittsburgh, PA. Last time I looked, all of the steel mills that employed 1000 or more have been closed up for years and the buildings are rusting back into the earth. But then, maybe Zero was talking about the steel mills in foreign countries? (like China, from where end users receive steel products that have to be well cleaned of casting media before use)

The reason I ponder that question; he went on to say "Just recently, China became home to the world's largest private solar research facility, (does "private" mean privately owned by the Chinese government?) and the world's fastest computer. The competition for jobs is real. But this shouldn't discourage us. It should challenge us." Well golly gee, Zippy!!! Considering the majority of those job have packed up and moved out of America, several years ago, and since folks over there will work for one tenth of what American workers were making, I'll bet the competition for jobs in China is very real. Problem is, they will take our jobs but not our un / under employed workers who would consider the move there for a chance at a job.

The self anointed one also made reference to the Sputnik Shock of 1957. He sure does find a lot of inspiration in the bastions of die-hard communism, doesn't he.

The stinky stuff really gets deep here; "Over the last two years, we have begun building for the 21st. century, a project that has meant thousands of good jobs for the hard-hit construction industry." Thousands of good jobs for ONE hard-hit industry segment!!! I suppose that means "screw you" to the MILLIONS of un / under employed in all of the other hard-hit segments. Of course, those "good jobs" being in a heavily unionized segment of industry is the primary reason Andy Stern and members of S.E.I.U. also suffer from facial deformities like goofy grins and spontaneous involuntary fellatioist's muscle cramping.

Barry called for building rail systems so that Americans would have access to high speed rail service. To where, I haven't a clue. Me thinks novocaine cranium has never taken notice of the fact that, for the most part, the public isn't real keen on using public transportation. The only high speed transportation system, that would make sense to me, involves saying, "beam me up Scottie, we need to find a new planet."

But Zero's biggest splash of schmooze was; "Let's move forward together." To where, I HAVE a clue. Forward to the total socialization of America.

But last night's preempting of otherwise mediocre television programming was in no way a report by the POTUS to Congress as to the state of the union. It was a pitiful play to boost his low poll numbers and drum up supporters for his 2012 reelection bid, based on (you guessed it) BULLSHIT.

Hey Barry, here is a simple vision test for ya. How many fingers am I holding up... and which finger is it?


17 January 2011

Below The Radar?

In an MSNBC commentary item today, Eileen Sullivan makes a highly disingenuous attempt to justify her continued employment by writing, "Loners Like Tucson Gunman Fly Below Radar." This attempt becomes patently obvious as Eileen's story mentions several incidents in which Jared Loughner flew headlong into the radar field but was dismissed just like the waves of Japanese war planes that attacked Pearl Harbor back in 1941.

I can only suspect that Eileen and I have a widely differing concept of what 'flying below the radar' is all about. I am immediately drawn the the character portrayed by Gene Hackman in the movie, "Enemy Of The State" while Eileen seems to liken a below radar flight as the real life adventures of Charlie Sheen.

For example: "Between February and September, Loughner had five contacts with Pima Community College Police for classroom and library disruptions." The story continues, "Loughner was suspended in September after college police found a YouTube video in which Loughner claimed the college was illegal according to the U.S. Constitution."

According to Don Borelli, a former FBI Assistant Special Agent, these types of actions are "hardly enough to raise suspicions. Students get kicked out of school for a multitude of reasons, that doesn't necessarily mean that they're going to kill somebody." Well, I'll grant ya that one. However, when students and faculty tell interviewers that they had serious concerns about the guy showing threatening personality traits, I think it's reasonable to suspect a touch of mental instability that could lead a person of semi normal sensibilities to consider the guy a possible danger to himself or others.

Ladies and gentleman of the jury, may I direct your attention to the in-depth investigations following the April 16, 2007 shootings at Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Virginia Tech / VT). As a result of numerous fingers pointing in various direction, it was learned that the shooter, Seung-Hoi Cho, had gained some attention around campus as being possibly mentally unstable. VT officials pressed the issue and Cho was forced to obtain a psychological evaluation. It was learned that he had been diagnosed as a danger to himself and others BUT, the information was never forwarded through to the legal channels where red flags would have been raised, and a denial issued by the NICS background check, when he purchased the firearms he used during the shooting. Although described as a loner, it appears that Cho lacked stealth capabilities when it came to flying in and around official radar sites. (perhaps one of the unique differences between an institute and a community college?)

Getting back to Jared Loughner; five contacts with the college police, in a seven month period, for disruptions in class and in the library would seem to establish a pattern of conduct that trained professionals (ie police) could discern between your basic "Animal House" class cut-up type and someone suffering from a long lost grip on reality. To help bring my case to rest, allow me to point out; Loughner was suspended after "the college police found a YouTube Video..."

(1) What were the circumstances that brought this video to the attention of the college police, and

(2) Under normal circumstances, wouldn't the content of such a video be protected under the first amendment and his suspension by the college, therefore, be considered improper and possibly subject to civil litigation? (but remember, the video was described as "cryptic and rambling." words usually best used when trying to lead an audience to conclude there are a few extremely damaged braincells afoot)

Folks, I don't know about you, but I am not convinced that this guy was flying below anyone's radar. For whatever the reason(s), Loughner was allowed to pass through a huge, wide open crack, just like all those planes back in 1941. Maybe we have become too accustomed to having the mentally ill roaming at will, and unsupervised, around us and we don't find a reason to care about aberrant behavior until after something bad happens.


13 January 2011

"We Can Be Better"

During his speech in Tucson last night, Barry told his audience, "We can do better." I am compelled to ask this question; who is "we" and who or what can "we" be better than, or better at?


11 January 2011

Sticks And Stones

Jared Loughner

Though long ago, I recall a saying from my childhood that pretty much summed up the attitude of the nation when assaulted by vitriol; "sticks and stone can break my bones, but words can never hurt me." Damn near sixty years later, it appears that words can hurt me, especially if I am the one who is saying them. Of course, it also depends upon whom those words are directed.

Since the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, along with the murder and wounding of numerous bystanders, several sources have suggested the suspect, Jared Loughner, was incited to his actions by the words of people like, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. There have even been some finger pointing at blogger Mike Vanderboegh, from "Sipsey Street Irregulars" also. As a result, some members of Congress want to make politically targeted vitriol illegal.

Ashamedly, I must admit that I'm not the brightest bulb in the crayon box and I had to look up the word vitriol. In a two part definition, the first half says vitriol is a highly corrosive acid made from sulfur dioxide. The second says, "abusive or venomous language used to express blame, censure or bitter deep-seated ill will." Likewise, I felt it necessary to look up censure, which is defined as "harsh criticism or disapproval and / or the state of being excommunicated." (bear with me, there are just too many big words here) And excommunicated is defined as "oust or exclude from a group or membership by decree."

Using my best attempts at deduction, (such as it aint) I have been able to come up with this conclusion; If Congress is able to pass this loaf of legal fecal matter, any one of us who strongly objects to the continuing political shenanigans in DC can be charged with political vitriol and shipped off to the gulag. (which in itself is a form of excommunication... i would think) I guess then, in it's most simple form, the political elite want a nation of mindless drones who will follow without question through fear of legal reprisal, regardless of the games the political elite may play. If correct in my analogy, to them I say, take leave and fornicate thyself.

It is a very far stretch of the liberal imagination to cast blame on the words of a few for the actions of others. Especially when the few are some of the most outspoken against those liberals. If it were in fact the case, should anything bad befall Sarah Palin, et al, I would think it reasonable to point a few fingers at the likes of Katie Couric, who took the time to promote the concept of a Palin / Loughner "conspiracy by vitriol" during her Nightly News broadcast of 01 10 11. Take a good look at the photo above and it's plainly obvious. The voices in his head are self created and self contained.

I have read several quotes made by Loughner's friends, neighbors and others who interacted with or around him. All painted a picture of a person who would be the perfect candidate for extended elctro-shock and mega dose lithium therapy. A female who attended a college class with Loughner said as soon as she heard the news of the shooting, she immediately suspected Loughner. She also claimed that, while attending that class, she actually feared that Loughner projected the type of personality to bring an "automatic weapon" to class and start shooting everyone. That doesn't sound like a sudden inspiration of Limbaugh, Beck or Vanderboegh to me. This guy was born with a couple of aberrant brain cells and then allowed to mingle amongst us, unattended, despite his patently obvious lack of social skills.

Rather than talking about regulating freedom of speech or the right to keep and bear arms, perhaps what Congress really needs to consider is the regulating of the mentally insane. But then, I suppose that would severely limit the voter turn out for the progressives... and the progressive candidate pool.


07 January 2011

Let The Games Continue

Two stories in the news yesterday pretty much confirmed my suspicions that it would be business as usual despite GOP control of the new Congress.

In the first story, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) is reported to have said, the word of Hawaii's officials regarding obama's birth and resultant citizenship status is good enough for him.

Well, it's not good enough for me or a lot of other Americans, John. Is there anyone in a position of influence, with a pair of metallic central dangling extremities, who will force this issue to the surface? Either way the answer may go, we have a right to know the truth... preferably by way of an unimpeachable source. (John Bolton would meet with my approval)

In the second story, it seems that a day and a half worth of discussions and voting by the House, on matters of repealing obamacare, or parts thereof, may be null and void. It appears that two House members who were involved in the discussions and voting, Pete Sessions (R-TX) and Mike Fitzpatrick (R-PA) hadn't been officially sworn into office, yet. And Sessions is on the Rules Committee!!!

A request made to minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D & AH-CA), to allow this minor lapse in procedure to be excused, was refused "since there is a matter of the Constitution to be observed here." Now THAT is funny!!! (made me pee myself a little)

Under different circumstances, like in a Cheech & Chong movie, (Harold & Kumar for you younger folks) this would be some really hilarious shit. But here in the real world, why aren't we dressing these people in tar and feathers while we strip them of their titles and benefits?

How much more will we have to take?


03 January 2011

Assumption Is The Mother Of All F**kups

Here we are, not even a week into the new year and I still feel like the same old me. Regardless, I hope each and every one of you had a very good Christmas and spent some quality time with family and friends. I also hope you took a moment to reflect on the reason (the non-commercialized reason) we observe Christmas and the importance of Christ in our faith. Without Him, we are no better than the Godless socialist heathens in government positions.

So while I'm still feeling like the same old me, I'll pretty much bet the aforementioned Godless socialist heathens in government are feeling like the same old them. For example; the other day I read a news item about California passing over 100 new laws regarding "quality of life" type issues that will be punishable by (say it isn't so) monetary fines. Of course a stay in jail is a possibility; especially if you don't pay the fines.

You might ask, "MikeH., what the heck is a quality of life violation???" Well, some of my favorites include (but are not limited to);

Thou shalt not place your garbage can at the curb earlier than "X" number of hours prior to scheduled pick up, nor leave the empty can at the curb more than "X" number of hours after pick up.

Thou shalt not allow your lawn to exceed "X" number of inches in height.

Thou shalt not store an unlicensed and / or inoperative motor vehicle on your property unless the vehicle is stored in an enclosed garage. Being fully covered under a tarp doesn't count. Nor does having it tucked away behind your house or surrounded by your 10 foot high privacy fence.

Thou shalt not allow the smoke from your outdoor grilling to cross real property lines. That's the fancy legal way of saying, if the smoke crosses over into your neighbor's yard, you're in a heap of trouble boy.

Thou shalt not conduct a casual sale (yard, garage sale) without first applying for a permit. There is usually a price involved for the permit and, I have heard that some communities are considering enforcement of a sales tax.

In other words; Thou Shalt Not pursue life, liberty or happiness without violating a law, and paying some coin of the realm to the realm masters, whether another person is "inconvenienced" by the "violation" or not. And in the end, that's what these laws are all about. Someone's quality of life "may" be inconvenienced because of some actually meaningless action or inaction on your part, so pay a fine and all is forgiven. (even though the potentially aggrieved won't see penny one of recompense for said loss of life's quality anyway)

Let's face it. The court system in this country is predicated more toward financial punishment than any other form of penance. And with the nation's economy swirling around the hole in the bottom of the porcelain punch bowl, what better way of refilling the coffers than sending out the local constabulary to strong-arm the public at large for violation of "nanny laws?" Another fact to face is; these people will not be satisfied until each and every wage earner in America is signing their paychecks and handing the whole thing over to nanny.

There are way too many people in this country who assume this is never going to happen; or assume it's not happening already. Too many people assume that the vote is our most powerful, one and only form of redress when government runs amuck. And, as it appears since the mid-terms, too many seem to assume that the "new conservatives" are going to fight tooth and nail to save us from tyrannical progressives. It's important to remember, they are called conservatives because they use a conservative approach and conservative time-line to screw us rather than in an all at once progressive manner.

A reality check for assumptions is this; NEVER assume that anyone will be as, or more, concerned about you and your continued ability to hold on to your money than YOU. And NEVER assume that government won't explore any and all means possible to separate you from that money. And as long as we continue to assume that government can arrest, prosecute and imprison all of us, no matter the number of the masses, government will continue to become more bold, more controlling over our lives and our incomes until we have damn little left of either.

It's these type of assumptions that put us in this mess and that have held us here under government's thumb. Time for some changes.