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07 June 2010

And The Richard Crainium Award Goes To...

Helen "The Icon" Thomas

From: NY Daily News

Monday 07 June 10

Iconic White House reporter Helen Thomas (a hard core leftest and dedicated socialist camp follower) was dropped by her speaking agency and booted as a high school commencement speaker, Sunday, following inflammatory remarks she made about Jews and Israel.

Although Thomas apologized, Nine Speakers Inc. dumped the octogenarian journalist over her videotaped declaration that Jews should "get the hell out of Palestine" and "go back to Germany and Poland".

*Italicized comment mine


So, I have to consider Helen's intended meaning when she specifically named Germany and Poland as the "go back to" locations for the Jews. According to recorded history; during World War II, Germany and Poland were home to some of the most ruthless Nazi death camps, wherein millions of Jews were subjected to the Third Reich's version of ethnic cleansing. A fact I'm sure is not lost on Helen. (Especially given that I have reason to suspect Helen may have been the illegitimate spawn donor of Dr. Josef Mengele, from back in her days as a fascist camp follower)

Although I could be ignorantly misguided, I can not recall "The Gargoyle" (er, ah) "Icon" having been quite so openly anti Semitic in years gone by. Not even during the Clinton regime. Whether she is now suffering the degradation of geriatric dementia or, she is taking liberal doses of socialized testosterone, by way of Obamacare, it's really obvious the old girl is no longer a useful and productive member of the journalistic community... or civilization.

It appears Helen has failed to remember that, in a world where America has damn few true allies, remarks like that from her and El Numero Zero, et al, are contrary to the Carnegie theory of how to make friends and influence people.

Helen, you've come a long way, Baby. Now turn around and crawl back into the depths of hell from which you mutated.


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