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22 June 2010

Consumer Group Vs. Happy Meal Toys

From an msnbc.com report, a Washington-based consumer advocacy group has threatened to file a lawsuit against McDonald's, charging the fast food chain is "unfairly and deceptively" marketing toys to children through it's Happy Meals.

"McDonald's marketing has the effect of conscripting America's children into an unpaid drone army of word-of-mouth marketers, causing them to nag their parents to bring them to McDonald's," Stephen Gardner of the Center For Science In The Public Interest wrote to the heads of the chain in a letter announcing the lawsuit.

In 2007, McDonald's made a pledge to advertise only two types of Happy Meals to children under age 12. They both meet the company set requirement of less than 600 calories, with no more than 35 percent of calories from fat, 10 percent from saturated fat or 35 percent total sugar by weight.

CSPI argues that even if those happy meals appear in advertisements, kids order the unhealthier meals most of the time. (but, doesn't the toy only come with the Happy Meal, thus the "happy" designation?)

Some may accuse the group of extremism, arguing that it is the parent's responsibility to monitor what their children eat, not the restaurant's. Michael Jacobson, executive director of CSPI, says it's the parent's responsibility too, but he equates the toy giveaways to a door to door salesman coming to a family's house and asking to privately speak with the children.

"At some point parents get worn down. They don't always want to be saying no to their children. We feel like an awful lot of parents would be relieved if this one pressure was removed from them."


Well, I'm confused!!! Is it about the toys, the meals, McDonald's, the parents or the linoleum lizards yammering a psychotic breakdown on mom and dad? And who died, leaving this crew of Bozo nanny wannabes in charge of this dog and pony show, anyway?

Folks, there are way too many people wanting to stick their noses into our skivvies, to see if it's time for a change. From "do gooders" outside of government to nary do gooders in government, they all have some ignorantly misguided idea their way is better than our way when it comes to living our lives.

Well, I am ready for a change. Just say NO to nannies.



  1. Somehow, we managed to limit the amount of junk food we fed our two boys. I don't know how were were able to do it without the help of The Benevolent Leader.

    No salt. No sugar. No soda. No trans-fats. No cigs.

    Sounds like an expanded War On Drugs to me...

  2. The Center for Science in the Public Interest is the original incarnation of the food Nazis. They're the ones who started the jihad against fat about 30 years and 30,000 studies before the actual science said the amount of fat in your diet pretty much doesn't matter. Note they haven't changed their argument as the scientific picture has gotten much more nuanced.

    That's because we're too dumb to understand the data. They're better than us.

    My wife notes this isn't really a Nanny thing, because a Nanny has the best interest of the children at heart. Their interest is in themselves and their power.

  3. I have in the past bought a happy meal for myself simply because I wasn't that hungry and wanted less and also wanted to pay less. I am stumped by those who think McDonalds is trying to poison us. Is it the hamburger? Don't you eat hamburger at home? Is it the bun? Don't you eat bread at home? Maybe it's the ketchup or the pickle that scares you. What!! It makes no sense. If you are so convinced by the popular media that if McDonalds makes it it is junk food but if you make it at home it is just food then fine, stay away from McDonalds. But don't embarass yourself by trying to spread your old wives tales.