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10 June 2010

BPA In Food / Drink Cans

In 2008, health organizations in the U.S. and Canada were calling for bans in the use of the chemical BPA in the making of plastics that went into baby bottles, soft drink and water bottles after it was learned the BPA was leaching out of the plastic and into the bottle contents.

BPA, or Bisphenol A, is an industrial chemical and a carcinogen known to cause cancer in lab rats and, is a suspected cause in the onset of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Most recently, it was discovered BPA is used in the production of a polycarbonate plastic resin that, in turn, is used as a lining material inside "most of the cans" used by the canned foods and drinks industry.

The resin reportedly helps preserve foods longer and prevents the canned products from taking on a metallic taste imparted from the cans. However, it has been learned, over time the resin breaks down and releases the BPA directly into the food or drink product.

Folks, they know but they just don't care. Money is more important than human life.

For the full story read this.



  1. You had a bit of a link problem. Here's the fix:


    Unreal. I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

    In reading the article, I noted that they are tapping $30 million in STIMULUS money to look into the problem. Shouldn't they already be budgeted for stuff like this? Isn't THIS their job?

    More of our money, getting sucked into a black hole.

    BTW, I just added you to my Daily Read blog list, but for some reason, your site isn't sorting by Date of Post. Who'd you piss off in Google-ville? ;-)

  2. Chief, Thanks for the heads up on both issues. Maybe the folks in Google-ville aren't too thrilled about having yet another "racist, hate monger, etc etc" mixed in with the fold.

    This stuff scares the hell out of me. It won't be long before we all will owe our souls to the company (er, ah) government store. That is, of course, provided we aren't all killed off by carcinogenics used to package our food supplies.


  3. Yeah, I've considered moving my blog to my website and using Wordpress. If Google doesn't like you, they just pull the plug, and you have no recourse to speak of.

    It's because of stuff like this that I do A LOT of home canning. About the only type of food I have yet to do is veggies. I guess I've always been a bit of a skeptic!

    BTW, it looks like the date sorting thing worked itself out.

  4. This is a scare campaign. There is zero evidence that BPA is a problem. We are all exposed to BPA and have been for years. It's not as though people are dropping like flies. Generally speaking people are living longer and experiencing less illness not more.