"We have four boxes with which to defend our freedom: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box and the cartridge box." - Congressman Larry McDonald M.D.
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God Save The Republic

18 August 2010

Circling The Wagons

Over the course of the past week, I have been kept pretty busy with moving my daughter and her family, from Ohio to North Carolina, to live with my wife and me. Like a lot of Americans, they too have fallen victim to the regime's "fundamental transformation" of the world's super-power into a world class super porta-crapper.

Considering the circumstances, I can believe plenty of families are (have done or will be) doing the same. After all, that's what families do. When tough times strike; you draw everyone in close and circle the wagons.

Now, despite my fifty eight years, I have not reached the point of total addle mindedness... quite yet. So, I don't have illusions of each and every new day being filled with bliss. I'm sure we all realize there are going to be some drastic lifestyle changes, and clashes, that will strain and test our tempers.

They smoke, they tend to be loud, they have a large dog AND, I have a seven year old grand-daughter who cries and whines for no and / or any reason under the sun. Oh, yeah; I almost forgot. The most major potential for violent conflict within our new family unit... my son-in-law thinks the demo-cretins are going to save us.

It's funny in a way. He has the ability to see and process the fact that the country and it's people are in serious trouble. He believes a collapse of some sort is at hand. And he feels some urgency to prepare for the bad times ahead. He just can't see the big picture, or should I say "rogues gallery," of who is to blame for the mess we are in.

On the other hand though, he enjoys many of the things I like, such as hunting, fishing and shooting sports. So, we came to an understanding several years back that politics will be a forbidden subject between us. But then, that too is what families do. You accept those things you can not change and work around them in order to hold the family together as a unit.

As individuals, we see and understand the utility behind combining forces. Together, we have more hands and minds available for the physical and mental challenges that are sure to come. And, should things turn bad for my son and his family, they know that they too are welcome (actually expected) to come circle their wagon in with ours.

Should that situation come to pass, there would be eight people (number nine is due in a few months) all packed in here fairly tight. (And you think the bathroom schedule is a cluster-mess now!!!) There is no doubt then that a lot of lifestyle changes will be required from all of us. And we can't even consider thinking in terms of "IF we want this to work." There can be no IFs. We HAVE TO make this work. United we stand... united we will prevail or fall. The key word being "UNITED."

Now, if we could just get the rest of the country thinking along these lines.



  1. I sympathize with your problem, in particular dealing with a blind belief in the democrats saving us. I don't discuss politics with my relatives and if it comes up I change the subject. It has allowed me to remain friendly with siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles. Our world is about to get worse and when it does the Democrats will blame Bush or the Republicans in congress who didn't vote for even more socialist policies. This is a lose/lose game especially when dealing with the politically naive or hopelessly ignorant. It's not that Republicans are right or great but that the party is the ONLY place where some true conservatives can be found. 50 years ago there were conservative pro-American Democrats, today there are none. Until and unless we undergo a horrible experience that can be directly attritable to the MArxist Democrats policies the mind-numbed robots will ot change. Sadly I think we will have that opportunity in the near future.

  2. Pushing sixty and "the kids are back". You and your wife have my sympathy and my admiration. But it's a testament to your core values that given time, especially with everyday exposure, may make some inroads with your son inlaws views. Think of it as an opportunity to lead by example albeit passively.
    Good Luck - great blog by the way - hat tip to Crusader Rabbit.


  3. Sounds like a bumpy road ahead, but that you'll be fine.

    You're teaching a lesson I've been trying to tell friends. When people think of the TEOTWAWKI, they think of a country-wide disaster like an EMP or government collapse. For your kids and grandkid, it's the end of the world as they knew it. You being prepared and stepping up to help has changed everything. You're the retreat. There will be some tough days, just the number of people guarantee that, but you'll come out fine.

    God Bless,

  4. Well done, sir. Family first.

    If things take the turn(s) many of us expect, having family close will be a blessing.

    It's funny - when we have big family gatherings, I instigate political, uhm, discussions!

  5. ...i got a coffee table book for ya to borrow,titled sumthin' like "1001 Recipes for the In-Laws"...first appearances seems innocent enuff(?...until it's cannibalistic nature is revealed...

    ...neutral conversation regarding a recent interest of "cooking",(is not politics...lol)leading up to and culminating with them finding yer cookbook...

  6. During the great depression my grandparents took in most of their adult children and about 7 grandchildren. My parents, my two uncles and three aunts. My parents moved into a chicken coop after my older sister was born. The great depression was a big subject around the dinner table and at family get-togethers when I was young. They had little and worked hard for what they had but they had family and some good times. They put in an enormous garden and canned food on a woodstove. They did this for years until WW II brought an end to the depression. My grandparents were too old to have gardened or cut enough wood to heat and can food, but as an extended family all pulling together they made it work. The ONLY government help they received was handouts on the city hall steps each day for which my mother waited in line for up to two hours. One day it would be a bag of bread or apples, the next day it could be potatoes or cabbages. They were thankful for the handouts but it would never have feed 12 adults and 8 kids. Their mutual problems and how they solved them brought them together. I never met my grandfather he died during the depression but he was famous in our family. Eveyone loved him dearly especially the grandkids and he was a spiritually and physically strong man. When TSHTF he stood up and took it all on and found a place for his children and grandchildren and kept the peace and made the most of a bad situation. I can only hope I am up to the challenge and live up to his expectations. I will do my best and I will eagerly encourage all my family to do their best. We will be a stronger and closer family when this is all done. We may eat a lot of cabbages and potatoes but we will make it. If I am truely blessed I will also be able to help some nieghbors and strangers as well. God bless my grandfather I never met but knew so well by his deeds and my grandmother who lived in my childhood home until I was a grown man.