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God Save The Republic

04 August 2010

Militarization Of Local Cops

In an article today, at Lew Rockwell's site, the writer asks the question: Are local cops being trained and equipped to be an army of occupation over Americans... in America.

Over the years, I have known and worked with a few cops, both young and old, who are arrogant and / or ignorant enough to believe they could pull this off, and who would accept the orders if given.

To these few I say; At Your Own Peril.

I have known and worked with far more cops who will turn and walk rather than goose-step to the tune of a despotic regime. A lot of military troops will present the American Eagle salute and walk off too. So, what I consider to be a conservative guesstimate; you few would be going up against an opponent force of 800 to 1 ... give or take.

Are ya still feelin cocky?


1 comment:

  1. I certainly hope you're right.

    My gut says, at least initially, if there's reason to call in the troops, it will be more like Katrina. Confiscations and intimidation galore. They'll send in the tac squads.

    For most of California, it would be a cake walk, I think. Same with most of the North East US. Down south and in the mid-west, it would be a more difficult issue for the PTB.

    If the "emergency" - real or fabricated - lasted for any length of time, I think THEN you'd see LEOs, Reservists and regular military seeing the light.