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God Save The Republic

28 August 2010

Top Stories Of The Day

I kid you not. These are the top stories from MSNBC.com for Sat. 08 28 10:

Why Isn't There More Quicksand In Movies (It'll suck in all the zombies!!!)

Who Are 2010's Best Paid Hip Hop Stars (Who gives a rat's furry ass)

Paris Hilton Arrested On Cocaine Charge (Say it aint so)

Former Female Wrestling Star Dead (Former W.W.W.E., now former L.I.F.E.)

Pitt Comments On New Orleans' Rebuilding Mission (Less talk, more action, Brad)

Anna Paquin's Wedding (Who???)

Cheryl Hines' Divorce (Who??? revisited)

Tyler Perry Cleared (Of what; felonious glory hole drilling)

Taylor Lautner Sues (Who??? yet again)

Wesley Snipes Postpones Prison (Us mortals woulda been bitch bait long ago)

It's been like this all week!!! Did the regime order a total news blackout? Or is this the quiet before the fecal storm?

Is it any wonder why a writer for Newsweek wrote "America The Ignorant?"



  1. I made a comment to my wife yesterday about Pitt. Some "news magazine" was doing a piece on him and NOLA. Harps were fairly strumming in the background.

    I asked her if they were running his quote about how he has always been against the death penalty, but he's for it if it's applied to BP executives.

    So, he's for targeted, selected death only if you work for a specific company?

    Kinda messes with the harp music...

    Now, I don't know what MSNBC could possibly cover that's more important than Paris Hilton getting caught powdering her nose.

    Things like ONLY a half million more people lost jobs last week, Iran's nukes, China not buying our debt, Iraq falling back into anarchy (let it fall, I say), the housing market poised to take another 20-30% dump, or that the author of the Obamacare bill came out and said he didn't read his own bill.

    Nuthin' to see here. Keep movin'...

    As my favorite local morning radio host bellows at least once each day, "Good Bye, Sweet America!"

  2. There is no doubt that there is a blackout on bad news. Within a few day there will be far more politcal news then you can stand. I suspect once again the MSM will selectively report to get their agenda pushed.

  3. You didn't think they would say anything about a million people gathering in DC, did you? (NPS says between 300,000 and 1.2 Million) That might imply people aren't happy with the One.

    "Nothing to see here. Move along."

  4. They just gotta keep the stoopid sheeple, stoopid.