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God Save The Republic

01 September 2010

Dear Barry

From MSNBC.com 09 01 10:

Obama ends Iraq combat mission. President says, "nation's top priority now is repairing the economy."

Just to be clear, whose economy are we talking about here, Barry?

If it's America's economy you're talking about; why is it only just now becoming a top priority? Why not before it reached the point we're at now? Is it because you're too incompetent to multi-task? Why not before (or while) we pumped military personnel and billions of our dollars into repairing the economy of an oil rich, third world shithole? And ya know we aint gonna see a drop of reasonably priced Iraqi oil in recompense or gratitude for the American lives lost or shattered and the money dumped on a lame nag.

Let's face the facts, Barry; you are a world class snake oil peddler. Even though you have ended the Iraq combat mission, I'll wager a bet that American military troops are still going to be killed over there. Bodies and minds will be broken, but those troops are going to come home to the same old sub standard medical care, no prospect for jobs and no hope for a future thanks to you, and the "progressives" from both political parties. God knows, you can't pull any of that off for the folks here at home. Your words are meaningless because, as we all know by now, even if you had America's best interests at heart, there is no magic bandage that can fix, let alone stem the flow, of the hemorrhage that is America's future.

Personally Barry, I am going to make it my life's mission to outlive you. And it's not because I want the opportunity to urinate on your grave. However, I do intend to open a grave-side beer concession. Even at a penny a glass, I'll be richly fulfilled beyond my wildest dreams.

Regretfully Yours,



I honestly can not believe television programming had to be pushed back fifteen minutes for your pathetic attempt at apple polishing. Barry, you're an arrogant ass.


  1. "Face it Flounder, you didn't throw up in front of Dean Wormer; you threw up on Dean Wormer" - Otter, Animal House, 1970-something. You may choose the appropriate bodily function. And appropriate authority figure.