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02 September 2010

No Need For God

USA Today, 09 02 10, reports that Stephen Hawking has concluded "spontaneous creation" is the reason there is something, rather than nothing, and that "it is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going." Or in other words, bow before the great bang theory because there was no need for God... just "poof!!!"

So let me see if I get this: All of the right things just "poof" came together to form a planet that would be capable of sustaining life? Water, animal life (for food), plant life (for food) for both humans and animals, trees for photosynthesis, bees for pollenation, birds to eat and drop seeds, an atmosphere, gravity, sunshine, rain and all the fishes in the sea??? And pray I don't fail to mention all of the many complexities of the human body and amazingly "poof" the way in which said humans were immediately able to adapt to the planet, sight unseen, and without a total die-off if "poof" had made a slight miscalculation somewhere along the process OR, neglected to create predators to keep us from being ass deep in rabbits. That's a pretty powerful AND down right smart "poof" there Stephen.

By the way, should I be using an uppercase P in Poof?

Should anyone be surprised when the American Pledge of Allegiance is changed to "... one nation, under Poof..."

I have a better idea. Since Mr. Hawking made the statement, a month or so ago, about how we shouldn't be pissing off aliens by trying to signal them, and since I am really sure I could never conform to the whole "poof" thing, I think I'll stick with God. And as for Stephen... well Stephen can just go poof himself.



  1. Snort!!!!!

    I'll never look at poof the same way again!

  2. The only thing more incredible then the theory that our entire complex world was made from nothing is that in addition to our entire complex world a "god" was also created. Either way There had to be 'a pretty powerful AND down right smart "poof"'.

  3. Arrogant little dude isn't he?

    "Because there is a law such as gravity, the Universe can and will create itself from nothing,"

    mm kay. So how did gravity happen?

  4. A buddy recently sent me a link to a story with mathematical proof that God exists.


    I didn't need it to know it, but it's fun to throw in the face of the Hawking's of the world.

  5. I don't think you are getting the irony of proving that god exists by showing how complex the universe is. If it is so complex that only a "god" could have created it then the god must be even more complex and powerful what created it? Just using pure logic the arguement that the universe is too complex to have just happened falls apart. In fact it is far more likely that our complex universe just happened more or less as a result of laws of physics and after it happened a less complex "god" emerged who created us.