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God Save The Republic

13 September 2010

Resolution To NYC Mosque Debate

The Imam leading the effort to build an Islamic center and mosque near the World Trade Center site said a resolution to the raging debate over it's location is being examined.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf said, "We are exploring all options as we speak right now, and are working to what will be a solution, God willing, that will resolve this crisis, defuse it and not create any unforeseen or untoward circumstances that we do not want to happen."

He did not elaborate on whether the options included moving the center from a site two blocks from the WTC "gorund zero" location.


Folks, this is a seriously silly cause for outrage on our (non Muslims) part. Why can't we forgive, forget and accept people of a culture different from our own? I propose, as a gesture of good faith and good will, we organize a coming together celebration on the intended building site. I was thinking something along the lines of a pig roast and rib burn-off.


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